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    Vehicle and terrain problems

    On xbox after the update I cant get the drill to work while going forward with the vehicle, I have to keep turning it on and off which is annoying. Also I keep losing resources and scrap when I drop it on the floor , and also my vehicle wheels keep sinking into the terrain flipping the vehicle and to top it all of when I go into multiplayer with my friend it lags so bad and frame rate drops right down sometimes crashing my xbox one x. When is a patch or a fix coming out coz this sucks
  2. Richard Atkinson

    Lag issues on Xbox one

    Still have massive lag in multiplayer after update, sometimes making my xbox crash , this issue needs fixing before anything else is added coz its unplayable in multiplayer at this time , I even have an old rocket in orbit from when it crashed on me and its always there now wtf please fix this