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  1. The speed of the vehicle can stay the same, as long as its given a boost in power to keep acceleration and climbing capabilities the same. What i'm thinking is making the vehicles feel like heavy rock crawlers with loose suspension more than that bouncy balloon feel i get atm.
  2. I would like to suggest some changes to the way vehicles handle in the game. I think a core issue with the vehicles is that they are too light and has almost no suspension. I find myself bouncing and getting stuck on the smallest of obstacles all the time, messing up the road i'm making or requires me to get off the vehicle and dig it out. I think it would be possible to fix this by making the vehicles overall heavier and and adding a suspension to it. In addition to this i think we also need more clearance from the ground to the vehicle. It may be easiest to make the hitbox on the underbelly of the vehicle smaller. And it would be nice to have a compass while driving What do you guys think about how the vehicles handle?