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  1. Hey so, why did I pay money to either have to play with sound and play with constant lag spikes and low fps or absolutely no sound what-so-ever? It's not my rig, i7 6700k - GTX 1070 - 16GB Ram, hundreds of gigs of space left. It's not my internet 70-80 MB/s Updated my drivers TODAY! Yet the game runs like garbage or I have no sound. Whenever I play without the -nosound "FIX" which is a term I use lightly, I shouldn't have to do this, people have been having this problem for years yet it's not fixed. I get these lag spikes constantly that make the game UNPLAYABLE and my fps is at 10-20. But if I disable sounds I get 100-150 fps and 0 lag on Ultra EVERYTHING. It's pissing me off that I'm seeing people using this "fix" since December 2016. I didn't get this game to not have any sound or lag into oblivion. While we're at it, how come I can loot my friend's entire storage from another fucking planet? I stole copious amounts of loot from him from a completely different PLANET. This game is in a ridiculous state. I want it fixed or I want a damn refund, this is an unfinished game. I have to turn off ALL sound to even play the game.