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    This just clicked in my brain

    #SpoilerAlert You clearly haven't beaten the game, otherwise you would have seen the ending scene where they just print another one after the "original" disappeared Ever wonder why there are so many "dead" astroneers on every planet and why you only see one of yourself at a time (unless you play w/friends)?
  2. EmeraldGamerr

    Additional Screen Effects

    Hey So, we all know at times Astroneer can be truly stunning, and sometimes even beautiful Some examples can be the sunset on sylva or calidor Anyways, something iv'e had on my mind for a while was that there are some additions (major and small) that can be added to enhance your experience as an astroneer on alien planets M first Idea was the potential of adding screen effects when, for example, its windy. It can feature dust particles if on calidor, or ice crystals/snow on glacio located on the edge of our screen It would look similar to the way it looks when you take damage and a red film surrounds your camera, but instead of the red film, imagine this: Its mildly windy on calidor this evening and as the wind blows, sand whips across your camera (you could even hear the 'tinks' of the sand hitting the imaginary glass) ever so slightly as to not blind your vision; its only some light dust after all, no need to go crazy. The amount of dust on the screen would directly correlate with the light wind and would only be a thin layer encrusting the outer most parts of the screen itself (maybe if storms came back in a better permutation the dust can get to extreme levels) After not 'wiping' off the screen for a while (maybe by just using the smart cursor while also holding the interact button for about 1-2 seconds), the dust can build up to, eventually, blinding levels, getting more tougher to wipe off as time goes (there can even be a cute little towel symbol to show that your cursor is in "wipe mode") That's it for now I guess (I literally JUST forgot my train of thought XD) What do you think? Is there a better way to do this? Things to add? Maybe this is a stupid Idea? Idk, but reply if you think this is worth any sort of thought
  3. I love this idea! I think a new "compacter" machine would be pretty cool This would solve the need to constantly have a shredder 1 tier larger than the largest in-game item, hence why we can't shred rockets... Yet! Think of this: You no longer need that old small shuttle, but its too big to shred by itself, so what now? Well, you can place it in the compacter to compact it into smaller cubes. The more scrap-able items you provide, the larger the compact cube will be; ex: a large shuttle will be a 2 slot cube, allowing you to place another large shuttle or two small shuttles What about those weird items that only give you 2/3 of a cube? Well, I have two solutions: 1: the compacter works similar to the shredder where you cant remove a compact cube until it is finished (maybe you can select the size of cube to produce with a slider) or just add more smaller items 2: Maybe the compacter works similar to a packager where its just a small place-able you can snap onto an object and it squeezes it into a small cube. You might also be able to combine two compact cubes (to an extent) and create a larger cube Then once the cube is made (the largest being a large compact cube) you put it into the large shredder and it gives you scrap as usual Idk, but I know SE will be interested in such a concept because I remember them highlighting the fact that if they were to add larger tier shredders, they might need to create a printer one tier larger to print it because the large printer can only print such a large shredder
  4. EmeraldGamerr

    True Flat - Temp Visible Grid

    Grid mod, hmmm... +1...
  5. EmeraldGamerr

    Auto starting research chamber

    May come with the future "automation" update *isn't confirmed to be a thing... yet
  6. EmeraldGamerr

    true flat

    Yeah! A sign of sarcasm and tiredness of 1-sentence topic spitballs made by people who not only haven't read the "rules", but also join the forum once to give their 2 cents and return to the anonymous darkness they arrived from Or the 1st one 😢
  7. EmeraldGamerr

    true flat

  8. EmeraldGamerr

    Somehow fell inside a locked research unit :)

    +1 So true Don't have much time so ill make a long story short: I use winches to tow ship wrecks to get cool screen shots (A photographer if you will) I find it pretty annoying to use the winches to transport extra-large items *especially now that creative allows you to fly, its hard to control whats on the end of a winch
  9. EmeraldGamerr

    Add Space Stations

    I ended up blowing up on the wrong forum topic thinking it was this one I clicked on XD sry. But here anyways!
  10. EmeraldGamerr

    EVA idea

    First off, +1 But... if you delve into the depths of this forum, you can see that this has already been suggested in, no offence, better permutations I absolutely LOVE this Idea and it holds a lot of potential, but this is something they can add later in the games life An update like this would take MASSIVE amounts of time (No offence to the SES Dev Team) unless the players want it sooner and it to be filled with bugs Many new mechanics would have to be introduced such as advanced gravity, which would be a cool update on its own if it were released *Ex: low gravity on the moons and lots of gravity on more difficult planets Not only that, but they would then need to decide whether or not the players should be allowed inside the space station, which if they did, that would mean that they ignored all of the times we asked for permission to build extra large shelter to go inside and decorate, which I know, Isn't true A new movement system would have to be put in place for movement in 0 G's, they would have to determine how late game this would be (If too late, there's no point), what tier the space station would be in the crafting menu which, in itself, is a large... LARGE issue If they did make a new printing tier, they probably wouldn't just make it for this update, unless there are more platforms and shredders that can only be exclusively crafted with this They would have to decide what purpose it would serve if it was an early game thing, how many resources it would need, WHAT resources it would need, how difficult it would be to launch it (A way to launch it into orbit in general), how accessible it would be to the player, what its benefits would be, where to place the space station (ie. in space, in orbit, around a moon), whether its movable or not, if it can become damaged over time... So yeah, although I would LOVE to see this, its just too large scale of a dream to accomplish within the coming updates Heck, I didn't even cover the asteroid belt; Where it would be, How to maneuver around (whether with the new 0 G movement system or with a smaller shuttle), how long it should take a player to completely explore it, how it would render into view from other planets, -side note: ever wonder why you can't see beyond the horizon on a planet/moon? It's because its round. An asteroid belt would have to be HUGE for it to encircle a few planets and the sun at the same time, and because of that, it would practically be flat from a first person view (3rd, ratherπŸ˜›) How gravity would work, whether the asteroids should move, what resources the asteroids would contain (if too advanced, there wouldn't be a reason to stop off at other planets), which way is up (similar to super Mario galaxy, maybe?), what material the asteroids would be (how hard, really), determine if the player can even BREATHE in the vacuum of space since there is no oxygen for an oxygenator to collect in space rendering tethers useless (maybe an advanced O2 tank?), how lighting would work, how beacons would react to not being on the surface of a planet, if a player can place a shelter, what types of hazards there should be... *Inhales Man, that's alot Again, I love this Idea, and so does the rest of the community I can assure you, but I just see it bringing a new sort of... standard? Level? EXPERIENCE of gameplay that the game just doesn't have/can't handle right now But I can sympathize that many of us would rather them work on hosting issues and lag instead πŸ˜‰ We as the community will never turn down an update like this, but many would agree that the base game still needs a Tiny bit of polishing before they move onto something as large as that Welcome to the forums btw, post more often why don't ya? πŸ™ƒ
  11. EmeraldGamerr

    The Holiday Update - December 16th, 2019

    GO TO GLACIO!!!!!! THERES AN AURORA BOREALIS!!!!! Its just 3 lines in the sky, but ONE HELLUVA DETAIL! Way to go SE!
  12. EmeraldGamerr

    The Holiday Update - December 16th, 2019

    Do it for the 100,000,000 goal!
  13. Great point! that was one of my fears a while back when I got stranded in space after using a solid fuel thruster 3 times on 1 planet to land at different locations and for the 3rd time i got stuck in space XD Not a big issue anymore, but boy was I scared to leave sylva
  14. I'd hate to say it but, so true I don't have anything against the moderators but...