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  1. if its late game and its used to collect event items and such, then I believe it would use graphene, 3 to be exact, considering you would use this 7 or 8 times per save, its not too expensive for its worth. +1
  2. EmeraldGamerr

    Introducing…..Diamond Astro-Miners!

    -1 for toxicity. you really didn't need to txt back especially if you were coming back to be toxic it's your post, do what you want, but man, you have a problem (isn't the first time)
  3. EmeraldGamerr

    time to rage quit

    HAHA! WTF! LOL! Thats complete BS!
  4. EmeraldGamerr

    Introducing…..Diamond Astro-Miners!

    OH! I forgot to mention that system era is probably a company founded by the UN to locate and retrieve information on the closest habitable solar systems. probably on a post apocalyptic earth or something. No biggie * the remaining billions of humans are put shocked in horror as their attempts at survival were belittled by the very astroneer they sent out to assist them🤣
  5. EmeraldGamerr

    Introducing…..Diamond Astro-Miners!

    What if hundreds of years into the future, material things such as diamonds are useless? We all know the astroneer itself isn't actually human, and the space station is completely automated to produce another astroneer if the previous was lost/destroyed. For all we know, the space station is humanities last hope in finding a new home, but we need a new way to get there because it would take millennia to reach such distances (hence, the gate ways and our "fascination" about such artifacts). Also, if you watched closely, you could see that the computer used SCRAPS to build another astroneer after ours went into the portal. (can't find an image, sorry😥) Obviously (almost) everything can be scrapped, and I know for sure not everything is made out of 1 uniform metal-like material. The scrapper does indeed compress platforms made of resin onto small manageable scrap chunks, but it does so RTGs as well. and so... MY theory is that the space station is completely automated by means of exceptional programming and fool proofing. As an astroneer is created, the station uses scraps to do so, but again, the station's resources are finite. how does it get the scrap? simple! from us of course! Every time we use a shredder, every time we use a trade platform, we are giving the space station scrap to create more "fail safes" in case we cease to exist, or fail to follow thru with our primary objective. How it created the first astroneer was another yet simple process of putting it on the station before hand on Earth. How we get materials for trade is probably similar to the soil centrifuge we currently use. The scraps sent to the station are used to create spare astroneers, and the remaining scrap is separated on a molecular level back into their base chemical forms to assist the already pre-existing astroneer currently out on their "mission" to investigate the gateways and find a suitable new home for life on a new planet. So yah, diamonds are pretty useless unless turned into scrap, and yah, astronium is pretty "rarted", but that's because there IS NO USE FOR IT, besides bytes because the information that it gives us allows us to understand these new found regions and the astroneer is rewarded with more technology to help it excel in its primary function. But that's just a theory (pls try to fight that urge (I know you know what i'm talking about)). so... yah. I SAY THIS! None of this is technically true, but its a fun way to put our problems to rest. After all, if we really wanted to live in reality, we wouldn't be playing video games XD. Now, what say you? say it, say it.
  6. EmeraldGamerr

    Fauna drill mod

    another reason that I believe the mod should use organic is so it prevents an infinite organic grinder XD that wouldn't be good. I really enjoy this idea, and hope one day its looked into by the devs. Its a small addition (in the eyes of the player and not the developer, because its probably more complicated than it sounds to code it) but one that would be greatly appreciated. Like, A LOT. I hate lifeless terrain
  7. Or, if none, the nearest patch of ground that results in less fall damage. +1
  8. EmeraldGamerr

    Overhyped Wanderer update

    I'm not trying to be that guy, but all the dead astroneers you come across are alternate versions of you, made from scrap on the space station. (did you not complete the game??) Whatever tho, because we never learned what was beyond that portal the astroneer went through in the end credit scene. wait till the creative update in Nov., there is supposed to be an "interesting development" 🤔: https://www.th-clip.net/video/A3BAnmxDQ7s/astroneer-ending-what-happ.html sorry for the ads, i'm at school and its the best I could do! 😅
  9. EmeraldGamerr

    Fauna drill mod

    For example, you COULD be able to replant all that purple grass and those green stem looking plants with the theoretical "seeds" that can be found in the soil once collected in a canister, and if you hold the left mouse button (or right trigger for console), you COULD grow that grass you just planted into larger plants, like those flag looking ones next to the shelter and gateway. But, If you want to "upgrade" the pre-existing grass or stem plants into those flag plants, you can just hold the same button, but over an already existing patch of grass or stem plant.
  10. EmeraldGamerr

    Fauna drill mod

    No, not like thistlewhip and dagger root seeds, im talking about the theoretical "seeds" found in my soil concept (imaginary). This is all about replanting the variants of grass and small plants, the stuff you collect for organic, ya know?
  11. EmeraldGamerr

    Planet Talk

    +1. Same
  12. EmeraldGamerr

    Please consider to some balancing: Power

    Way to put it, +1
  13. EmeraldGamerr

    Some better way to differentiate aluminum and titanium (and zinc)

    well, they can't just change the model for certain metals when that blocky model IS the metal model. The chances of them changing this are slim. But hey, who knows🤔?
  14. EmeraldGamerr

    Terrain Tool Mods

    Bro, check the road map. In November, were getting new terrain tool mods for creative. Here: https://trello.com/b/UoZgKrd3/astroneer-development-roadmap