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    Ping: Art Department

    Ready for round two? Too bad ๐Ÿ˜œ This time, I will stick to the "decorative"side of things -color mixing: I love to paint over my bleak grey drill soil, but sometimes I want to get a bit... creative! A dye vat that takes up a full small platform only needing ceramic and compound to make. This will allow us to grab two terrain analyzers and combine them to give us colors in adventure mode that we have in creative... or even more! -terrain analyzer slot on paver: I've made a comment on this once, but if you look on the paver, there is a t1 slot just asking to be filled๐Ÿ˜‰ and it would be cool to choose what color soil it places without needing to be driving on it before hand -tall grass: Tall grasses on planets such as sylva and calidor would really add to that "wild" environment feel. speaking of enviroment... -Better biomes: I probably should rephrase that; MORE biomes. The biomes that are currently at hand are great, but I feel like forests on sylva are too small, only requiring you to look in a single direction to see the break of the trees revealing the standard "plains" biome. And I believe it would add much more variety if there were mountains with MORE trees since you have the assets in game, but there are usually only two/three total on a mountain in one place -more 'usable' space debris: I like how on sylva the chances of you starting the game next to a usable solar panel wreck are pretty high, and I would like it if there were more varients of power supply to use in-game -Vines: Just that, vines. Vines that grow around cave entrances and grow over cliff overhangs - customizable space base: I like the option to choose the color palette of your astroneer, and it would be even better if you could have rockets, platforms, solar arrays, and wind turbines that all matched your color scheme. you could either change them individually or change them all at once depending on if they are connected to one shelter (this would also give the shelter another use) -soil texture: I LOVE the texture that some "stone" surfaces have but I feel like that regular dirt" is missing out on a lot of love. It would be cool to see small grey pebbles in the green dirt or even small patches of grass (the stone texture but change those weird squiggles to be green on a brown surface) on brown terrain -screen "dust": similar to the way your screen turns red when you loose health, there would be dust particles along the edges of your screen with colors according to the type of dirt that may be "blowing" around -Bigger sun: I know its a game, but I feel as though I could land on the sun with no regrets considering how small it is๐Ÿ˜‚ I love it, but bigger is, better., right? just make the sun transparent when looking for planets to land on I can't come up with anything else that has either hasn't been said or sounds like a child spitting dreams, so Ill leave it there
  2. EmeraldGamerr

    Ping: Art Department

    @SES_Adam I would love to see unique cave "discoveries". An example could be a small pocket in a cave with soil and grass with a tree or two. Another could maybe a floating island with similar traits. Pretty much just more to explore, and I know this is a lot to ask, but here are a few ideas (with a grain of salt) -statues : small, medium, and large statues of all of the astroneer suits located on their respected planets, and suits like the galactic suit are found throughout the galaxy, but are EXTREMELY hard to find (or only spawn in once the game is complete) -hazard dungeons : Areas with a surplus of hazards placed around a point of interest. maybe its a large research pod or a drill for a rover -better sunsets : well, the sunsets are already amazing, but on planets such as atrox and calidor, I just feel like they could use some justice -hazardous "Terrain" : quick sand on calidor, tar on sylva, thin ice on glacio, radioactive soil on atrox, and slowing soil on vesania... these could maybe be turned on and off using... yes, A- -difficulty select : Ah, yes! this would/could open up a large door to all of the astroneers that have already reached end-game. Having difficulty turned on might allow you to achieve a unique color pallet and suit. More hazards, less power, and yes, fewer resources! This could change everything... for a while at least ๐Ÿ˜œ -Storms : pretty self explanatory and you're probably sick of hearing it, so ill save you the details๐Ÿ‘ -Fog : this should be a bit different that the fog that currently exists on planets such as novus and can be edited in the creative menu including its thickness, color, and wind speed... wind speed- wait! -wind editor: similar to the sun orbit sliding bar thingy, you can change how much wind a planet gets, changing its difficulty as shown in the planet catalog -Screen brightness : Yes I understand you were asking about changes to the planets but why not? Sometimes in creative the dark gets pretty annoying -Screen effects : As with storms, this would pair up perfectly; Rain droplets drizzling down your screen as you hopelessly run through the forests of sylva as you search for your tether line with no such luck... then, you see a shine at the corner of your eyes. Its the very shelter you were looking for! You run towards it as the speed you run cause the water to move across the screen in a now diagonal pattern. As you get closer to the shelter, the light begins to refract in the water droplets, causing lights to become brighter and colors to become more abstract. You pick up the pace as the storm got worse causing it to rain harder increasing the gloss on the surrounding plants and terrain, giving it a slippery wet look. As you arrive, the earlier bright lights are now more dull and there are now watermarks that the storm has previously left you to remind you of the storm that was... and that you should ALWAYS follow the tethers ๐Ÿ˜„ -mountains on atrox: I don't REALLY mind it, but most of the time a gateway is located in a mountain on atrox, and it usually happens to be THE TALLEST MOUNTAIN... EVER!! And to make matters worse, its practically made of swiss cheese -day time/winter,summer, spring and fall solstice: as of now, for a planet to pass a day, it must revolve around the sun. I think it would be cool if the planets rotate instead for a day to pass and for a year to pass, the planet revolves around the sun. this would change the "star belt" as the year progresses, naturally changing the sun orbit. This would also be a cool opportunity to implement constellations and maybe an aurora borealis on glacio during a certain time of the "year". 24 'real-life' hours for a half year to pass -Shooting stars: Maybe as you look up at the sky you see a shooting star... and its getting pretty close! then, BOOM! you hear an explosion nearby and you come to find out that the shooting star was actually a piece of astronium. this could be implemented on moons so as time goes by, more and more shooting stars/asteroids will fall, giving different loot such as scrap, compound and even space debris! I have a lot more ideas, but class ends in 5 minutes. Hopefully you see this before it becomes lost in this catacomb of brilliance! ttyl!
  3. EmeraldGamerr

    Placing Non-Hazardous Plants in Creative

    This is a post I made not too long ago... sorry, I don't know how to make a "link" to an old post
  4. EmeraldGamerr

    Anual Rare Events

    Agreed. exclusive Items should be able to come back, BUT... They have to complete a challenge For the lunar event, maybe activate the core of A moon 20 times Summer suits, complete the game in a given amount of time (maybe 7 days) for each save Newbie in a good sense. Not ignorant and stupid, but inexperienced and ready to learn more by playing the game or asking for help
  5. EmeraldGamerr

    Two tiny quality of life features

    +1, I totally agree
  6. EmeraldGamerr

    Anual Rare Events

    Also, I didn't say you should hold pride in the retro-suit, I was talking about having pride in buying a game (in which was available to everyone at the time) while it was still in early access
  7. EmeraldGamerr

    Anual Rare Events

    @vvhorus Well, pride means one has a feeling of being good and worthy The adjective is proud It can be used in both a good and bad sense; Good: having self respect Bad: no respect for others actions, only ones self Again, mind my context... Now, ask yourself if your answer is yes; Am I really WORTHY of sporting this retro-suit if i'm willing to give it away to some "newbie"? now... Yes, one can indeed become prideful it the suit itself gets to them, but that doesn't mean you can't be proud Be happy you invested in this game early enough to get the suit, be proud you are one of the few As long as you understand that the suit itself doesn't give you power (because it doesn't), I don't believe becoming prideful will ever become an issue The issue comes with stealing the value the suit might have once had to some players. now, you clearly aren't one of those people, you probably don't think much of the suit, and in fact, you probably WOULD give it away without a second thought meaning you don't hold it to much value, and in turn (don't mean to sound like an ass but), don't deserve it Of course the suit was only a plus to buying the game early on, But I can assure you that if others were given an opportunity to get it, they would If they did rid of the exclusivity the retro-suit by giving it to every astroneer, other people (again not you) would probably feel a little hurt that they no longer have something to show for playing the game before it was "popular"
  8. EmeraldGamerr

    Energy controled switche

    you know what... +1 I didn't watch the video, thought it was a picture ๐Ÿ˜‚ but yeah, something like a daylight sensor from Minecraft would be pretty cool (Don't mind everything I previously posted) XD
  9. EmeraldGamerr

    Energy controled switche

    I'm not sure if you have used the splitter yet, but i'm pretty sure it functions pretty much the way you would want it to There is 1 input and 2 outputs (you can connect multiple spillters together to multiply the number of outputs) Once there is a power-source connected to the input, as long as you connect the outputs to more than 1 platform, you can control how much energy either of the two platform receive, from no energy to all of it As for the image, the top bar is the input and the bottom two are the outputs Simply slide the blue bar on the bottom two to regulate how much energy each puts out (or the input to change the overall total energy the two have to split between, hence, the splitter)
  10. EmeraldGamerr

    Anual Rare Events

    @The Touch of Grey Gamer If someone new to the community just bought astroneer and received the retro suit, you are now lacking ( if you had any to begin with) the pride in purchasing the game in early access and playing the game with no promise of it ever keeping up to date What you did with your money was invest it in something that seemed promising I remember quite well when I was considering buying the game in early access until I read the foot note: In purchasing this title, you fully understand that it is still under development and may or may not continue to update upon purchase After I read that, I told myself "I really don't wanna spend money on a game that might not even improve itself" Obviously, other people didn't think the same way, in fact, they thought the opposite and bought the game anyways because it looked "fun" and "had potential", and you are indeed one of those smart people Now I regret not purchasing astroneer when it was still in early access, not only that, but when I see someone with the retro-suit, there is an unspoken "veterancy" that comes along with it Its like investing stocks in Apple when it was still new, and greatly profiting years down the line, and all of a sudden late johnny comes by with no real knowledge or experience of the company (or game in this case) and profits just as much as you did but in MUCH less time than you did Imagine everyone getting the galactic suit and visor on purchase of the game, what would be the point in sporting it if everyone has it? unless you really like it, none What i'm trying to say is this: If they ever allowed others to get the retro suit without some sort of challenge like, complete the games main story-line 10 times, then that special "wow, he/she must know everything since he/she has that suit" felling would disappear Now obviously some people don't mind others having the retro suit, but picture this, would you give a new player YOUR retro suit, even though they've never played the game and might not even continue to play after the first few hours? I know I wouldn't because when I was about to complete the game, my friend who wanted the galactic pallet, even though they just started, wanted me to invite them so they can get it for free. I not only said no, but instead, I invited a friend of mine who was 2 planets away (working on glacio) and gave them the suit. Why? because they were planning to do so anyways. They didn't want it for the bragging rights my other friend did (after I said no, they said fine and played the game until desolo and quit playing since) but they wanted it for that "completion" feeling Giving a new player a purple heart for simply buying the game would not only defeat the purpose of the retro-suit itself, but also diminish the value in it as well
  11. EmeraldGamerr

    Anual Rare Events

    Although both of you do have a point, their limited time events for a reason, that reason being, as previously stated, exclusivity. Unless the event only has a limited time window, people won't be as compelled to get it. for instance, lord have mercy, fortnite's item shop. the items in the shop are only available for 1 day and aren't guaranteed to appear again. That also rewards people for playing the game early on. Other wise, if not that, then why not allow ALL of us to have the retro suit?? Answer: It takes away from the people who played early enough to get it.
  12. EmeraldGamerr


    yall gotta give the game devs more credit. Sure the game lags but this has been an issue for quite some time on the x box platform and if there was an easy fix, it would've probably been released during the summer update!! How long do you guys think it takes to fix a small bug, none the less a problem with the ENTIRE platform??? I don't know, but im sure it takes a while considering that every update rolls out at a month at a time. Besides, servers are coming soon, so that will fix the problem to where instead of using the hosts Ip adress, it will use an actual server hosted by some computer somewhere in the clouds.
  13. EmeraldGamerr

    Starting new games on all planets

    you can do that. just load in, place a rocket in creative, fly to a planet of choice, destroy the rocket, place a shelter and the starter items and turn creative off... easy. you just wont achieve anything through it tho, but still cool. to turn off creative is just the first option in the creative options menu
  14. EmeraldGamerr

    The Creative Update - November 15th, 2019

    Glad to see that (most) all of us are on the same page here