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  1. I can only echo what others have said from experience: Power less consistent (especially wind) Fewer resources on the surface More power required for gateways Hard rock is more common More difficult landscape More dangerous flora I've only been there for Helium and a sport of exploring. It's worth remember that the aim of the game design is that, even at its most difficult, the game isn't very hard. It's not that sort of game and that's great because there are times when I don't want too much challenge, I want just enough to relax, explore and enjoy.
  2. brainwipe

    Best thing i have found in the game

    To flip them, attach the pointy hook end of the winch to it, pick up the winch body and wave it around. It's more art than science but it will eventually flip over.
  3. Description A late-game terrain tool mod that acts as a shredder for larger debris only. Small items would still be fed into a shredder. Justification I hate seeing the planet littered with all of this detritus! I want to be a tidy-up Astroneer and grind away the big stuff. Scrap would be nice but I'm less interested in that; I just want to tidy up!
  4. Overview: Each habitation has a security camera mode that allows you to "see" from the other habitations. Why? Because I forget what I have at each base and before setting off it would be useful to see what resources and building modules are there. This problem is exacerbated by playing different maps with friends, solo and my family. Limitations for balance You need to have a habitation at a base to view from it. The camera is fixed position but you can pan/tilt. You can't make changes at the other base, it's just read only! Thanks for reading!
  5. brainwipe

    Bug while exiting large rover v0.6.5.0

    Happens to me too. 0.6.5 new world and 0.6.2 converted PC/Steam/Keyboard. On new Rovers and from existing save. Happens regardless of where it's parked. Land Trains Creating land trains now an extreme sport! The impulse force effect still happens but as it is connected to another large rover, it doesn't flip as much.