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  1. How has this still not been fixed?!? There was a huge deposit of titanite I was working on collecting when I stumbled upon an even larger deposit of aluminum. After I collected all the titanite I saved the game as I had to go to work. I load up the save when I get home and all the aluminum is gone, probably around 20-25 stacks from the size of the deposit. There is clearly a serious bug with saving the spawns of resources and this has been going on for a long period of time apparently. Why is this not fixed??? Even worse was about a month ago I lost an entire cavern of lithium it was seri
  2. So just finally completed the game for the first time with 302 hours of gameplay. Astroneer is a great game all around which is why I stuck it out and forgave many of the abundant glitches. However, as I was nearing the end of my playthrough the occasional game crash became very frequent. Basically, the last two planets I needed to activate were Glacio and Atrox when the constant crashing began and the fun turned into me wanting to bang my head against the wall. Trying to make any sort of progress became painfully slow and gameplay became disjoiunted. It became a very repetitive loop of launch
  3. Yes, unfortunately, this has happened to me several times. Resources just despawn never to be seen again. I recall the one time that really annoyed me. I found a massive stash of lithium and had it marked with a beacon because my inventory was almost full when I found it. I returned after just long enough to drop my inventory off at my base and everything was gone!
  4. OMG I`m getting so frustrated with this game. On the final planet trying to activate. Just trying to find the last node on the surface but the damn game crashes almost every freakin time I enter my Tractor. Like seriously over 20 times in the past 2 days. Seriously still need to do some major stability fixes damn!
  5. So I've tried playing Astroneer on Windows 10 a couple of times now. Runs much better than on the XBox One X performance wise. However, I've noticed a pretty serious issue with cross save. The Windows 10 client appears to have a big problem with terrain save. Loading a save off of XBox in Windows 10 works fine but loading the game back on XBox after a save, the terrain is swiss cheese. Some changes that you've made to the terrain with your landscaping tool or drill do not appear to save at all. Tunnels you've dug are partially blocked seemingly where the actual generated terrain was. Platforms
  6. Ya I've been having a hard time with the game since the update. Crashes almost every time It tries to save when entering a vehicle. Really getting irritating. (Xbox One X)