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  1. It looks like there was an update... has this been fixed? is anyone from the company going to address this thread?
  2. There's no way am I starting all over. I'm done until it is fixed.
  3. I am pretty fed up at this point. For the second time this week, hours upon hours of progress have been completely blown away by some sort of cloud syncing issue. Steps: I play the game for hours (which I am no longer going to do until this is fixed) I enter a vehicle, multiple times during play, ensuring that the "saving game" prompt is on screen each time I decide to go to bed at 2 am after playing waaay to long, and making lots of progress I enter a vehicle before I quit, and again ensure the "saving game" prompt is on screen I load the game the next day and am greeted with an older save and all my progress is gone! This is the only Xbox I am using.