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    GTX 1080 Low GPU Usage

    When I get in the fps is 60 @ 4k. Then I start building, and it eventually gets down to 17-18fps due to massive bases and tethers and vehicles and loot everywhere bouncing around on the ground. I THINK FPS would increase if I made a bunch of storage units and placed all my stuff on them instead of just in a hole where they seem to have constant physics attention by the game. Regardless, fps certainly drops after you start building - as expected - but I haven't just walked around for an hour to see if that's true or not.
  2. Krallopian

    GTX 1080 Low GPU Usage

    Not saying the CPU is lousy, I'm running the same 12 thread 4.5ghz setup and 64gb ram with a 1070. My 1070 hardly works, and the cpu is busiest with this game. =)
  3. Krallopian

    GTX 1080 Low GPU Usage

    Maybe because this game is very CPU intensive and not graphically intensive. No crazy texture fill rates, no crazy draw distance, it's primarily CPU. So your GPU is just sitting around waiting an eternity for, "Now process this shadow."
  4. I'm sure a lot of us have noticed this. You are in a vehicle and press TAB to exit, and it puts you in front. The vehicle hits you or goes on top of you or even better, it puts you inside the battery or generator or whatever you have mounted to the front of the vehicle. I think a simple fix is to make the exit location BESIDE the vehicle instead of in front.
  5. Krallopian

    Cannot load saved file!

    PC Steam version =)
  6. Krallopian

    Cannot load saved file!

    Her rover was stuck on her base. My base was powered by a solar panel. My other buddy who saved at the same time as me, was able to load back in. So it wasn't a "time of day" thing, and we were both in the same version. Damn!
  7. Krallopian

    Cannot load saved file!

    Built a proper big base last night. Worked on it all night and through several crashes I was always able to reload it. Today however it refuses to load! Other saves load for me though. I thought maybe a new patch broke old saves but that's not the case. A friend who was playing at the same time also has the same issue, she cannot load her save from last night either. Oh no!?
  8. Krallopian

    I hate the truck

    Strange, the truck works great for me! Never have issues, and hate the rover in comparison! I use a truck and tow two or three rover bodies with storage on them. I put a single seat, a wind turbine, battery up front, and storage on the back of the truck. Works great every time.
  9. Krallopian

    Floating and getting stuck underneath the ground

    Happens all too often. Typical voxel-based issues. Happens in all games like this, just like you can make floating islands etc... it's the nature of the beast.
  10. +1 I always just use the arrow keys and enter, and then once launched the mouse functionality returns. BUT this is certainly a bug.
  11. Way down deep in a cave, near a dead astronaut that gave me some goodies including coal and explosives. Took it all the way back up and out of the caves (at least 5 caves deep, took forever!!) and couldn't do anything with it! It illuminated the area around it, but that was all
  12. Krallopian

    Deaths and recovery/beacons

    I like the rover being stuck where you died as it adds to the desire NOT to die. But +1 for the titles on beacons!
  13. Krallopian

    White circle appaering on the ground

    On PC that is your mouse location, it's where your cursor is - and it looks just like that. If I moved my mouse around in that frame you are on, the white circle would move as the cursor.
  14. Not sure if this is a bug or not, but it is EXTREMELY annoying! When you drive up to a base module in a vehicle that has something attached at the front, it will automatically disconnect whatever module is attached to the front or rear of the vehicle when it tries to snap connect to the main base module. I can't count the amount of times I've been out in the field and realized, "WHAT!? No solar panel connected, doh!!!" =D
  15. Yup +1 Happens to me and my friends who play, always after a reload.