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    Ground Desync

    Yes it is true that more time we play in coop more flying stones are formed and the fps fall, I found myself at 30 fps irregular because of pebbles in the video 1 (and still you do not see everything) this is very annoying when it happens right next to our base ~ 30 fps with my rotten rate 80/100 ms latency with the server the game quickly becomes unplayable in coop and it is also for that that I had to stop the coop on this game because it happens to my friend when I host.
  2. Mk_LaZe

    Ground Desync

    I approve! I hope that System Era will fix this problem quickly even if I think it is a priority in their next update
  3. Mk_LaZe

    Ground Desync

    Hello, I know that already a lot of people had this bug and already share it on this forum, but I was obliged to post it because it spoils my game expereince too much and it will help the developers (I think) to settle it So I explain, every time I play as a customer of the game, pepites of land levitation form within seconds after I aspire the field, and it prevents me from passing through the tunnels that I create in the caves besides that when I pass over (on the surface) to circumvent them, I die by damage of fall The host of the party does not see the bug but only the client Here is my configuration: WINDOWS 10 PROFESSIONAL X64 i5 8400 RTX 2060 2x4 GB DDR4 3000MHZ + 2x8 GB DDR4 3000MHZ GSKILL RIPJAWS V 1SSHD 1TO Here are two videos of the bug that I recorded (one on the surface and one in the caves)