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    We already have these. Just put hydrazine thrusters on a large rover and add all the stuff you want.
  2. If you explode a shelter with dynamite in the new update, the shelter sound effects continue to play after it is gone until you reload your save. Here's a video of the bug:
  3. Friendly Neighbourhood Crabsquid

    Vehicle removal needed

    You can blow up vehicles with dynamite, which is made with explosive powder. Unlock it in the byte catalog.
  4. Friendly Neighbourhood Crabsquid

    Anyone got a fix for this? Is it just me? Why is it happening? How do i fix it?

    Well, you could always get a refund on Steam if you bought it there. Unless you played the game for too long. You could go to their refund page to check if you're eligible. The game runs perfectly fine for me. How did you steal from your friend's storage from a different planet?
  5. Friendly Neighbourhood Crabsquid

    Medium Battery Visual Glitch after Space Travel

    After you travel in space with a medium battery, this happens to it. To fix this, you just need to restart the game.