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    @Gina Thanks, yeah. I tried running through those steps for Teredo but I keep getting different results. NAT Type switches between Moderate and Blocked and Server Connectivity is also sometimes connected and sometimes blocked. The status on the command prompt shows up mostly the same as that picture but for NAT it says "restricted (port)" which sounds bad.
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    Alright, thanks. Just sent the email. Though if other people are experiencing this I bet I'm not the first to let them know.
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    Hi, just got this off the windows store because of the $1 deal but it seems unplayable as of right now. I linked a video of what's going on. I think this is the menu screen but there's no menu. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gxuaG8Cyu0 I'd really appreciate any ideas/help. Thanks in advance.