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    Multiple Multiplayer issues

    Windows 10 Steam, we've seen all the issues you mentioned except the shuttles stuck in orbit - although we have several up there because of clients (never the host) crashing whilst they're in orbit. Most issues seem to be reduced by: * staying close together, in particular on the same planet * not using tethers * not using vehicles * not building too much stuff * having fast internet * being the host Like you say, those things are all anti-fun (apart from the last couple).
  2. We have several shuttles orbiting various planets because people's games crashed whilst in orbit. We can't work out a way of getting them down, so we've started using them as a reminder of which planets we've been to.
  3. willypimpernel

    Bug / multiplayer lag problem

    We see this problem all the time. Host is fine, other players experience serious lag, it increases the further we are apart and is much worse if we are on different planets. Visual artifacts like the one you've shown pop up all the time.