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    Who like pizza?

    @CopperyMarrow15 Haha good idea!
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    @TMarcher74 Thanks!
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    Oh.. so much homework in college.. Btw! Hello again! I'm Aiden and I made new item today. Here is explain that I imagine. As you guys know, if you die 2 times, the first character's bag is gone and some times, bunch of items are spread out. I missed valuable things many time. For example, Drill Mod 3 and Portable Oxygenator. These are very expensive in Astroneer. Right? (If not....okay?) So! I made this model called, "Dead Box". The size is same as Canister and doing similar action as packager. If you die mistakenly or some kind of reason, that Dead Box is going to cover your all items! I mean, all equipment that you put it in bag. Like this! (It's going to be faster than this!) In addition, this Dead Box has locator so, you can find your box easily! Concept when Dead Box is closed. Concept when Dead box is attached in backpack. What do you guys think? Give many feedback for game!
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    Summer Soccer Event?

    Why don't we multi play together for summer event?
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    Hard to going down?

    @TMarcher74 Haha! hope that pizza was good! Btw, I'm self-study. There are many kinds of tutorial in YouTube. Here is the link that I know. https://www.youtube.com/user/AndrewPPrice Also, U can inspire to see 'Artstation' There are lot of masterpieces in that site. In addition, you can learn about art technic through other artists' works! https://www.artstation.com/ I hope you get good information!
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    Who like pizza?

    @TMarcher74 Thank you so much!
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    Hard to going down?

    @TMarcher74Yes it is!
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    Who like pizza?

    Inspired by Papa johns Pizza (That was delicious!)
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    Hard to going down?

    Thanks for video! That is really helpful! Thanks! Thank you!
  10. Hello! My name is Aiden and I'm international student in U.S. I really love to play Astroneer. I remember when I landing in Glacio first time for get Hematite. But I forgot to bring one more solid-fuel thruster. I experienced big challenge! By the way, while I playing Astroneer, I felt little bit uncomfortable thing. The problem I get is, the empty space in underground! Let me explain. Usually, when I go down underground for get resources, I bring transportation to use storage. However, it's hard to drive because of empty spaces in underground. So, here is new idea! If transportation can dig and fill at same time? While drill digging the ground, the other equipment fill flat road! Picture 1 and 2 are example of equipment, inspired by cement mixer. Picture 3 is total concept when equipment set up in transportation. Finally, picture 4 is example what equipment do. I think style of equipment have to change like space style! What do U guys think?