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  1. Great idea, but I want to ask what reason you get this idea. I mean, why? To my opinion, we already have vehicles! Is the hovercraft has other advantages?
  2. oh...it must be needs! Wonderful idea!
  3. I think this is good idea! You know, we lost the way many times while we playing. However, for me, less stuffs while exploring is more efficient than add more items. You know? So, what do you thing add more options in beacons? Like... add arrows icons(some icons that can recognize where I am), more colors, control the angle of length....
  4. I imagine some liquid style in Astroneer. Something like... the game called Poly Bidge. This going to be great challenge! I love it!
  5. @TMarcher74 I hope so too, probe scanner is good item that has many potential!
  6. @Nekudotaim @Killtech I finally understand what you guys want to says. First time when I start to imagine something, I always think "What if~?" Purely. And then, make it! The reason I making animation is animation can explain easily that I want to saying. It's kinds of advertisement. and that's going to be main problem. I plan to make more prototype that included all feedback and discussions. So, thanks for feedback! @Jason Taylor Thanks for comment!
  7. @TMarcher74 Good to see you again! After done this work, now I start to make 2 more things. I hope these two ideas can be surprise all of us! And Thanks for comment!
  8. @Khord What do you mean down or up? You mean the model's name?
  9. @Haze33E Thanks for comment and yes I also think digging elevator gonna be platform module.
  10. Soooooo so long time! How are you guys doing? Alright! It's might be too late to showing this because, there were so many updates while I made by animation. However, this Digging elevator can be more comfort to going up and down than Jetpack! Digging elevator can saves more time and don't have to make slope for going up. Digging elevator going straightly to underground, so if you start to dig other planet that you didn't setup anything for digging, you don't have to bring many stuffs for going down. Digging elevator can be one of the best way to going down. You can question it, "You can also going straight if you use Jetpack?" For the answer, Digging elevator can save resources. As you know Jetpack use 2 hydrazine to flying the sky, but Digging elevator only use electronic that is same as vehicles. Once you make Digging elevator, you don't have to use resources while you going up, and save more hydrazine before you use in underground. It can be bring much more effective advantages! final.mp4
  11. @Slipsonic Thank you for comment.
  12. @The Touch of Grey Gamer Thanks for comment!
  13. @The Touch of Grey Gamer Thank you!
  14. @TMarcher74 Thanks for feedback! I can get different idea after I read your comment! Please look forward to next work!