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  1. T0efL

    Hard to going down?

    @Slipsonic Thank you for comment.
  2. T0efL

    Who like pizza?

    @The Touch of Grey Gamer Thanks for comment!
  3. T0efL

    Hard to going down?

    @The Touch of Grey Gamer Thank you!
  4. T0efL

    Need more storage?

    @TMarcher74 Thanks for feedback! I can get different idea after I read your comment! Please look forward to next work!
  5. T0efL

    Need more storage?

    @The Touch of Grey Gamer That is wonderful idea! Thanks for feedback!
  6. T0efL

    Need more storage?

    @Igoooor Yeah, I'm trying to add value in box by photoshop, but it's still awkward... And that was one of the biggest problem while I make this toolbox. Toolbox is almost same size as backpack, so user have to lay down their toolbox before character start to digging. However, your idea can solve this problem! Thanks for feedback!
  7. I move to new apartment!! YEAH!!! Alright!! I bring some idea again and also, I make some samples for easily to look! When we play Astroneer, we feel need more storage when we get resources other far places or deep underground. So! Here is what I think! This equipment called "Toolbox". I want to design like hard case. so I add iron stick for cover all side of box. You can easily to grab and lay down! Just press "G". After lay down the Toolbox, you can open it to press "F". This is the toolbox's inside. If there are nothing, that green light going to be red or orange. I also want to add disadvantage for this model. Because.... I don't know!! haha maybe, for fun! so what I think is this toolbox has to charge. You can open and close for 4 times (one movement use one floor of battery). After the battery is gone, that box is automatically closed. And one more!!!! (Sorry guys :D) It's not disadvantage actually. This toolbox can put only equipment! not any resources! That's it! Hope you guys enjoy it and if you guys have any feedback or more ideas, Please tell me! Thanks!
  8. T0efL

    Vertical Storage Pillar

    @Lithium What a perfect design!
  9. @TMarcher74 Actually, that robot was created before I start to play Astroneer. So, if I make new vehicle like @Igoooor's idea, I think the robot comes from the movie, "Avatar" is much better for Astroneer style's design.
  10. @thebloxxer11 I'm really expect your work!
  11. @Igoooor Got it!
  12. @Igoooor Like this? I don't know..
  13. T0efL

    Who like pizza?

    @CopperyMarrow15 Haha good idea!
  14. T0efL


    @TMarcher74 Thanks!