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    Lost Gameplay and Disappearing Resources

    Gina, thanks! That's a great work around for that particular issue. I will mention that I have had the game save somehow even without my interaction. For instance on Xbox at least current version as of this post, if you shutdown your Xbox via the menu while in game it will save without consent. It makes me wonder if there's some sort of minor save feature that doesn't necessarily incompass a complete save like to prevent duplicating items or something of that nature. For me the only Surefire way was to unplug it and give it no chance and hope that the next time I load that it will be the last time I personally actually saved. I just wanted them to understand the major frustrations as someone who believes in the game and is really trying to make this work and publicize how awesome it is. Unfortunately the save menu system is a little honky and I truly believe that with this many ongoing bugs that are detrimental to a end-users experience and time invested it really should be more in line with where it is in actual development. Obviously it would be best to just have the bugs fixed but I understand there's a lot to take on with this game as it is so vast in its possibilities. For now I would absolutely love just having a safer way to keep my saves intact. Thanks again Gina for the work around, I really appreciate it. I'll give it a shot and do a little testing after I recover from my frustrations of losing many hours from the last issue.
  2. ledfootfam

    Lost Gameplay and Disappearing Resources

    All the information is in there if anyone cares to read. Latest version on Xbox as of date of post like I mentioned. Not sure why you posted that maybe you're offended I didn't add margins? None of that is relevant to an Xbox user as it's a generic console. You're not a moderator so can you do something more helpful, I'm not going to list the internal specifications of an Xbox as they're all the same and any differentiating factor I would not be able to tell without opening and and examining Hardware. The summary is the title, the description is well my post, and in said description it mentions my platform and that is the latest at the time of post. Unless you're a moderator, please enjoy the Forum without needlessly correcting people that have no choice but to post from a cell phone. Thanks!
  3. ledfootfam

    Items and Rovers falling through surface

    Yes it's a circle around the player that has asset loading and possibly position loading issues. Major physics issues with lack of perimeters for the game engine it's using. Hope they stop pushing content and fix at minimum the physics, a new item isn't very fun when it's going to disappear anyway, logic.....
  4. Resources (Items) on the ground even at a good distance away from the area in which your leveling drop straight into non existence. I lost about 140 different resources in a circle like area around me when leveling. Worth mentioning this is not the first time it's happened. I thought this was fixed with the vehicles falling issue, which I might add is still happening however not as bad. I don't want to be rude but can I just say if the game is this buggy which it absolutely is, however better, why on Earth have you not enabled a exit without saving?!! Ridiculous to have to unplug my Xbox to achieve this! And for that matter, why the heck can't I pause?! Look this is a great game it really is, but please don't neglect having proper features in line with the game development, if you want to add in my opinion a dumb design like that at least have the decency to push that implementation to a finished game, not one that's basically still in primary game development as the game breaking bugs WILL absolutely break people's saves and throw their time to the wind if you remove their option! Pretty thoughtless when it comes to the many hours or days people have invested in trust of a "full release" please fix as at least for me personally and I'm sure many others, their is only so many times one is willing to endure being put back 10 hours + of gameplay before you just put the game down, walk away, and poorly review. Thanks for hearing me out! Fanboys get lost, the point of criticism is improvement.
  5. Title pretty much says it all, I have also noticed this with other equipment but you'll have to test this. Astroneer on Xbox One latest as of this date. thank you!