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  1. Someone told me the same problem was happening to them, we both suspect that the astroneer servers are down at the moment.
  2. You know the teleportation thing that possibly uses alien technology? And how annoying it is to get from the core of Sylva to your base? Well, wait no more, the new technology provided by Exo Dynamics found a way to partially manipulate this technology, but only at a limited extent! Exo Dynamics presents : The Primitive Entangloporter! Using quantum technology, a lot of energy and a hardworking team of inventors, this machine can be teleported to using the Core teleporter of the planet or moon it is situated on. Quantum technology requires astronium : the well valued gold of the exosolar system. The size is quite large for what it is transporting, and the Primitive Entangloporter is not the best : the player will not fully materialize upon teleportation, resulting in : lost power, lost oxygen and lower health. At the moment, the bands on the building are purple instead of blue because of its usage of astronium and quantum technology.
  3. So I was starting a game with a friend. Astroneer had an update. "Surely nothing", I thought. Apparently when I was trying to update the game, steam wouldn't let me update it because it was apparently secured by Astro. Keep in mind this is a legit version of the game. So I reinstalled it and it was all fine. I try to join my friend but steam says its an invite for another game that I am currently playing but I am only playing Astroneer. So my friend asks me if I can make a world, I say sure and I go on and make one, but I am unable to invite him. I checked in the multiplayer tab, and surprise surprise, instead of a billion friend names there are instead a few underscores and nothing else. Then I posted the problem on discord, nobody told me a fix yet. I have tried reinstalling the game and verifying game file integrity. I also no longer had my retro and Terran suit. Here are some screenshots consisting of the problem. This screenshot is in French, but in a nutshell : there is no version problem. A moderator told me this problem had never happened before, what do I do to fix it? I haven't yet tried to force uninstall it yet.