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    My existing worlds won't open

  3. If I host a CoOp game and want to fly to another planet, the game seems to freeze for the host. Connected CoOp buddies don't freeze or crash out, but the game does seem to prohibit them from doing things like starting the Furnace etc. Some (possibly relevant) details: The game freezes the moment you select the planet you want to fly to. My CoOp noticed my spaceship flying towards the selected planet, even though the game seems to be frozen for me. Just before the game freezes, it seems to be extremely laggy for a few seconds. CoOp buddies can use rockets & fast travel without freezing the host The Host player can use the fast travel network to travel between planets A CoOp buddy can not fly a rocket with the host as a passenger Troubleshooting already done: Hard reset Reinstalling the game Troubleshooting not yet done: Another save game A game hosted by a buddy