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  1. You shouldn't use soil centrifuge for anything else than compound, resin or organic as soon as you get a trading platform. The best trade with scrapping winches will give you net profit of 4 scrap per 2 containers of soil and that trades for 4 ammonium instead of 1. When trading scrap that 2 containers of soil will also give you 8 graphite, quartz or clay. Pure profit over using centrifuge directly not to mention you can also trade for more rare resources (i.e. 2 containers = medium storage silo).
  2. Deflinek

    Odd issue with Gateway Engine

    It fixed itself but I still have no clue what caused this or how to fix it. I awakened all other planets then got back to Desolo and everything was back to normal with pillars and resource icon back in its place.
  3. Please try to not reveal too much spoilers if possible I have awakened 3 planets so far - Novus, Sylva and Calidor (in that order) and visited the Satellite, working now on filling it with the Geometric Triptychs. After Novus and Sylva I went for Desolo but there was something wrong. I powered the Gateway Chamber on the surface but there were no pillars leading to the Engine. Just the outer shell and the inner sphere. I build a bridge to it but the consoles that should show required material for the Geometric Triptych didn't display anything. So, I left Desolo for later and went to Calidor. I powered the Chamber on the surface and head down to the Engine. The pillars were there I made it to the engine, I took note of the material required, get back to the base on the surface and saved and quit. The next day I prepared the material for the Engine and went down there. And I hit the same issue as on Desolo. The pillars leading to the Engine disappeared. The tethers that I placed the day before where firmly attached to thin air. I jumped down anyway and survived thanks to weird gravity in the center. Now the consoles again display nothing but did accept the resource they should, so I was able to awaken Calidor and teleport out of there. My question is what's up with the pillars? I tried to google for it but no one seems to mention they can disappear or my google-fu is failing me. Am I missing something? Do they appear/disappear as a response to something or is it a bug? I play on xbox if it matters.