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  1. Mayakovski

    The Summer Update - June 20th, 2019

    Version installed today on Windows 10. The lag is worse than ever. Devs, please STOP introducing new toys (beach ball and goals, what a freaking waste of time), and fix the Damm game. Thank You
  2. Mayakovski

    Hotfix 1.1.3 - May 23rd, 2019

    Sorry, PC, on Windows 10.
  3. Mayakovski

    Hotfix 1.1.3 - May 23rd, 2019

    Have put in at least 30 hours since 1.1.3 came out and not a single crash or issue. Bravo! 😀
  4. Mayakovski

    Hotfix 1.1.3 - May 23rd, 2019

    Have played 4 different sessions since the patch came out. 3 one hour plays and 1 three hour play. No freezing or glitches at all. Frame rate is better than before as well. My laptop does not meet the minimum specs but plays the game well. After the previous update I was getting freezing every 5 minutes or so. This update has fixed it completely. Thanks very much. It's a great game, currently my favorite game.