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  1. Robert Christensen

    Achievements on Xbox for PC?

    The next time I activated a probe using the console it accounted for all the probes that were unlocked on the PC. Good enough.
  2. Robert Christensen

    Achievements on Xbox for PC?

    Hi, I am playing a game on both xbox for PC and xbox console. I am working on activating the probes. I have activated 3 so far. Two on PC and one on console. This has unlocked three new suits, however, my achievement progress only shows 14%. Does achievement progress only work on the console?
  3. Robert Christensen

    Save games still will not save anything new

    Seems to be working for me. Thanks for the news!
  4. Robert Christensen

    Items and Rovers falling through surface

    I noticed the same thing, and was able to retrieve by digging below where my lost rover was located. I notice that this did not happen as much if I parked further away from where I was modifying the terrain. b
  5. Robert Christensen

    Astroneer game will no longer save

    Hi, I have an astroneer game that I have been playing for about a month on my PC though the xbox app. About two weeks ago, the game stopped saving my progress. I had made my way through activating all gates on all planets except glacio and atrox. The no save bug reared its head about half way through atrox. I can't think of anything that could have changed on my PC that would have caused this bug. I was not even connected to the internet when it first happened. I can save progress in new games, just can't save progress on the one that I am most invested in. My operating system is up to date The xbox app is up to date Astroneer is up to date, including the May 24 update, which did not result in any change to my situation. I attached my system specs. Let me know if there is any more information I can provide to help trouble shoot. PS - I posted this topic in the general forum. Sorry about that. Please delete that post if you like. b Speccy report - BOB3-PC.pdf
  6. Robert Christensen

    Save games still will not save anything new

    I just posted a new thread about this same issue. Windows store version. 1.1.2. Working my way through Atrox and can't save progress any more. Seems to work if I create a new game so must be something corrupt with my main .sav file. Tried lots of different things, including going back to silva and hopping in the old space hut for an old fashioned save but still end up back at the same spot on Atrox no matter what.
  7. Robert Christensen

    Game stopped saving

    Hi, I am just two worlds away from unlocking all gates and am working on Atrox. I got 3 surface gates completed and all of the sudden my progress is no longer saving. I can activate the fourth gate, save and exit and all seems fine until I open that save file and find myself back before activating the fourth gate again. Any suggestions? b