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    Endgame Content ideas

    I just completed another playtrough and I found myself again wanting for more, especially after i have built a few bases scattered across the solar system and stockpiled a lot of resources. Moreover, this time i really felt that the developers made an amazing job in characterizing the inner caverns in the depth of different planets, but unfortunately there is little to no motivation to explore them if not "as a tourist" as the game mechanics really do not give the player any inventive to venture so deep if not on the way to the core. My idea has a wide range of implications and touches quite some game mechanics, but let' start for the beginning, or better let's start from the end... of the current story. SPOILERS AHEAD, if you have not played the games up to the credits you'd better stop reading and get back to the game When you are finally able to activate the gateway portal on the satellite and "zap away", there is actually a "reaction from the universe" and some alien intelligence answers to your intrusion in the space/time continuum. A set of "alien eggs" teleport from outer space and crash land on each planet and moon in the system at different depths. Those eggs quickly start to "infect" the surrounding areas of each planet with their alien goo covering the terrain and resources around making them impervious to human tools (even with drill 3) and spreading nearby. The newly created astroneer's goal is now to clean up this mess in order to avoid that the entire system becomes an alien wasteland. The player needs to research and build new tools and technologies to achieve this new goal and more specifically: A "defense" monolith that once planted in each planet slows down significantly the growth of the alien infection on that planet a new mod for the terrain tool able to "clean" the infection A satellite surveillance system to help the player in finding and tracking the alien infection on the planet surface and, with the proper extensions on the ground, also to identify the alien infection in the subterranean caves mining structures and tools to allow the proper exploration and travel to and from the depths of the different planets I'd suggest that everything related to "fighting" the alien infection has to use astronium as a resource for building the tools and maybe also powering them (like the Hydrazine for the thrusters). More specifically the monolith and the mod. For instance the alien goo can be stored in shielded canisters but the canister explodes after a while unless the player processes the canister at a specific station using astronium as catalyst. Regarding the satellite surveillance system, the easiest way may be to have a station like the trade platform to send surveillance satellites into orbit: 2 may be enough for the moons surveillance while 4 to 6 are needed for the planets. The baseline function of the satellites would be to give the player HUD visibility of the placed beacons and an special monitoring station with an "orbital view" of the planet (the interface may simple be recreating the view the player has while orbiting the planet on a shuttle but with the ability to "move around". Adding the proper upgrade (also astronium based) the satellite system is able to identify and highlight (also on the player's HUD) the position on the alien infection on the surface. To make things even more challenging the basic satellite system is not able to "see" much in depth in the planet and thus the player has to provide additional "probes" to make it happen: I was thinking about a specific module to be installed in each gateway chamber on the planet's surface to leverage the existing alien infrastructure or, to make things a bit easier, maybe only a module in the plant core to give the satellites access to underground scanning capabilities. if you want to add a little lore, we may think that the ancient race that created the gateway system was in conflict with another alien race, responsible for the alien eggs and the related infection, and thus the player needs to leverage the first race technology to face the new challenge. The satellite system would also solve a long standing request from the player base to simplify the navigation across the planet's surface and even more in their depths: you just need to give the player a direction to follow to reach the desired location, may it be a placed beacon or an habitat or a vehicle (a labeling system for each of the above would be incredibly useful, like in other survival games in a aquatic environment, for instance ). With the increased utilization of astronium (so far pretty useless) and the need to venture in the depth of the planets to clear the alien infection, the current set way of exploring the depth and bring back resources and alien goo may be frustrating and boring, given the time need to get down there and back. Thus I'd suggest the introduction of new mining structures able to allow either an easier way to create tunnel and mine shafts (like a vehicle mounted terrain tool and and automatic tether placing tool) or, even better, a fast and convenient transport tool to travel to an from underground locations. Continuing on the same lore regarding the utilization of the alien technology, the play may be able to build a teleport stations of different sizes connected to the habitat (so to make it a bit more useful). The player experience should be as follows: The player upgrades the habitat in order to work as a teleport hub when he/she reaches the underground layer/position to start digging resources/cleaning alien infection, they place the other teleport station the player can now teleport back and forth between those two points, provided that they are powered the teleport station can have 3 different modules: personal transportation (the player alone carrying with him/her only the current inventory), resource transfer (a large attachment slot to place a large storage to be sent to the other end), a vehicle portal (the player can enter in it driving a vehicle and it appears on the other side, like an inter-dimensional garage) Thanks to everyone who had the patience to read all the way to the end of my wall of text: I hope it has some good ideas for Astroneer 2.0