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    How To Get Rich

    I have written a book for total world enslavementütün-insanlara-ölüm-zengin-olma-taktiği Rich people have got 20 billion dollars, minimum wage is 2000 dollars; if i work 10,000 years i can be rich. Also most of rich people are stupid house cats; rich people doesnt even know how to fight, how to work, how to clean their own house. They just children of rich people; even son of Trump hates trump. Lets make some noise for shooting rich people with cancer rays. When hate of 4chan will be aimed to capitalism i wonder. USA people are rich because of that they never rebel against rich people because capitalism is good for USA. So instead USA bully poor worker class villager people. TaeLyn you are very smart. Problem with Astroneer is it is too HD, high and slow game. I only play online strategy games. I broke the Hearthstone by dusting strongest deck of this meta so now i cant be defeated if i dont be very unlucky. Even DEVs know why Astroneer isnt too good but they still not plan to develop a better game. I am sure Devs never play pokemon.
  2. yuno44907b

    How To Get Rich

    I played Hearthstone. Classes are not balanced. In a pvp tournament game, how classes cant be equal? Is there any other online turn based games i can use to break the people? I played Dauntless, made a female black red bearded human. Female with beard looks like a cute, emotional dog. Monster Hunter World is 10 times better than Dauntless. They use 3d game engine and make stupid games. You know it is just an 3d action game; we have millions of 3d action games. People can make 3d action games in 3 hours. People can make minecraft clones in 8 hours. I hate game industry. Coders just do the easy thing and finish the job than take the money and run away. Publishers lie about game and everything; they know they will shutdown the game. They act like they updating the game than they shutdown after 1 year or when server expires. ıt is very easy to clone a game if you get the files you just need to change files a little bit and it becomes a different game. They want money of stupid babies. They make fancy looking 3d cool action games. They push the pay to win to max. And they make illegal cash grab mobile games. They can reset the server whenever they want. It is funny we play pokemon and hearthstone. Pokemon made at 1995 and magic the gathering is from 1980 or older. This is how much game industry developed. One day a few students mod a warcraft map and Dota Moba came alive than LOL. All video game developers are stupid. Players are even more stupid. And noone say please donate money to our video game. Devs always look cool and never say money. And players say 60 dollar pack isnt worth it. Well yes it may not worth it but you just paying money to game developers people who made the game. Also they make games full HD and never use ip block because even in Zimbabwe someone rich paying money to this games. You do not block the IP of poor countries because rich is infinitely rich and poor is death so you cant know which location money will come from. Another weird thing is Korean and Japanese games mostly staying away from USA. Some say games make you lazy, some say japan are racist. Also USA gamers didnt like Ragnarök Online and Asian gamers didnt like WOW. USA gamers love to bully other players and they play Fortnite. Asians more like to prove their mind and play Pokemon. Because americans are stupid rich and drunk, asians are poor angry and smart. I have to write my book. . .
  3. yuno44907b

    How To Get Rich

    I cant play Astroneer, Atlas Reactor, Spore HD graphics. I think my graphic card cant create 3d worlds. I hate how DEVs push HD games and expensive PCs. We do not need better graphics or better pc. We are wasting and destroying the Earth. Also robots must not do human job because robots consume more energy than humans. Humans have free will because humans are connected to atoms. But computers do not have atoms, they cant grow recover have babies; they dont have DNA or moleculer structure. Also electric cars consume more energy because they are heavy and poisonous and explosive. Electric does electric job, fire does fire job. Everything is same thing; it doesnt matter what kind of energy you consume all energy comes from Sun. We are in war with Sun last 2 billion years but that not your problem; nearly all humans want to destroy the Earth so humans are not friend of Earth.
  4. yuno44907b

    How To Get Rich

    And balance stun system.
  5. yuno44907b

    How To Get Rich

    Astroneer is nearly over. You need to code server and multiplayer stuff. You may sell servers and open premium servers. I always wanted planet to change by time while you didnt load it. We can consume and destroy a planet but does it grow back like a tree, slowly? Also will resources grow back? Will npcs spawn and drop resources when killed? Will we build War Planes that launch missiles? Can we use weapons as mining tool? Or does weapons deal no damage to terrain? Can we build unbreakable walls that can only destroyed by weapons if you try too hard? Also building tools or video game simulations for board games is a job too. You could make a turn based battle royale survival moba mmoRPG roguelike trading card game with living economy and marketplace trade also with mana and rage system.