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  1. TheWhitestOfFangs

    Overwhelming amount of soil

    So I've been wondering - what do you do when you have too much "regular resources" (compound, resin, ammonium,...) and there's no point in using the centrifuges to produce anything. On the other hand, "burnt" soil is wasted resources. Is there any good way to not waste soil which is practical? At the moment I'm just making lots of ammonium or build huge pillars just to not waste it, but that's really not practical in the longer run. Another thing is just making stuff for shredding, but again, up to a limit. Do you even bother with not wasting a lot of resources or just let it burn?
  2. There are plenty of occasions where the backpack and, more important, the terrain tool are hidden from vie by terrain, other things (vehicles and large items on the ground). This is most problematic when digging small tunnels or when accidentally dropping into cave/hole and need to quickly respond (before you're set with portable oxyginator and such) to avoid death in undisclosed location without being able to find your stuff. I would recommend having a sphere/aura effect that clips into whatever is in the view when looking at the backpack and terrain tool inventory. This way, it would be possible to make sure that it is usable and mods, like the inhibitor mod, could be removed when needed.
  3. TheWhitestOfFangs

    Clock! Big. Friggin. Clock!

    No it was not. Many games developers have figured out that this is a good idea. Heck, some games (i.e. Anno 1800) even have a narrator making witty comments about how long have you been playing (roughly ever hour or so).
  4. TheWhitestOfFangs

    Clock! Big. Friggin. Clock!

    You guys are taking this way too seriously. But I would be happy to have an option of having an in-game clock.
  5. TheWhitestOfFangs

    Clock! Big. Friggin. Clock!

    I'm surprised this did not come up yet, but since these game is as addictive as it gets: Put a clock on screen so that we won't phase out of reality without knowing... 😁
  6. TheWhitestOfFangs

    Patch please!!!!

    ??? How about explaining what is the problem? What does not work? What is this all about?
  7. TheWhitestOfFangs

    The Summer Update - June 20th, 2019

  8. TheWhitestOfFangs

    Drill control?

    Hey, I find the drill control too sharp... am I doing this wrong? Maybe there's a good argument to make additional controls for dirction (up/down)?
  9. TheWhitestOfFangs


    Perhaps splitters could be used to pass resources from one platform to another?
  10. TheWhitestOfFangs

    Show current latitude and longitude in compass.

    Sounds right. Overall, it will also reduce the use of beacons and other things which are put just for the sake of orientation. The less stuff thrown around the map - the better.
  11. TheWhitestOfFangs

    Printable Elevator!!!🤯

    Good idea! Also, it makes sense that energy requirement will be proportional to planet's gravity, as the work is done against potential force due to gravity.
  12. Hey, new player here. Managed to get the hang of this, really fun game. I would like to suggest making a toggle option for mods/augmentations so that they can be turned on and off without removing them. At some point, I have been putting and removing certain mods/augs that it became an annoyance. As an extension to this:adding a swapping functionality - so that objects can be swapped with objects in the backpack or generally in sockets. Great game! Really fun! Co-Op is amazing!