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    The Summer Update - Coming Soon!

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    Drill control?

    Hey, I find the drill control too sharp... am I doing this wrong? Maybe there's a good argument to make additional controls for dirction (up/down)?
  3. TheWhitestOfFangs


    Perhaps splitters could be used to pass resources from one platform to another?
  4. TheWhitestOfFangs

    Show current latitude and longitude in compass.

    Sounds right. Overall, it will also reduce the use of beacons and other things which are put just for the sake of orientation. The less stuff thrown around the map - the better.
  5. TheWhitestOfFangs

    Printable Elevator!!!🤯

    Good idea! Also, it makes sense that energy requirement will be proportional to planet's gravity, as the work is done against potential force due to gravity.
  6. Hey, new player here. Managed to get the hang of this, really fun game. I would like to suggest making a toggle option for mods/augmentations so that they can be turned on and off without removing them. At some point, I have been putting and removing certain mods/augs that it became an annoyance. As an extension to this:adding a swapping functionality - so that objects can be swapped with objects in the backpack or generally in sockets. Great game! Really fun! Co-Op is amazing!