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    Trains and tracks

    I talked about this same thing in the astroneer discord
  2. MistMTL

    Trains and tracks

    I think about the tracks connecting in the same way as conveyors in satisfactory. And the tracks work in a way where they'll always point staright up relative to the polygon it's staning on
  3. MistMTL

    Trains and tracks

    I have a super great concept for transport for when servers come out. It's a train. It's like the large rover but larger but it goes on tracks that can be elevated or underground. Crafted in XL printer. Requires 4 steel and 1 nanocarbonalloy for a train. 5 steel for a high elevated track. 4 steel for a medium elevated track. 3 steel and 1 iron for a low elevated track. 2 iron and 2 steel for a ground level track. All tracks are made in a large printer except for the high elevated track which is made in the XL printer. The Station track is made with 4 steel and 1 nanocarbonalloy. Train=12,500 bytes HT= 10,000 bytes MT=8,000 bytes LT=5,000 bytes GT=2,500 bytes. ST=5,000 bytes. This is a really great idea for servers in my opinion but it might need some adding and polishing as i just came up with this idea.