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  1. I have the EXACT same issue.... 2 games started.... and now neither one will save again. Soooooo many lost hours of work....
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    Is this a joke?

    I'm on xBox One and have been having the same but opposite issue with saving on exit. The xBox version on exit says "Save and exit?" however it does NOT actually save, so you must save via vehicle or shelter before exiting...... only did that once.... Those of us on xBox wear our helmets all the time lol, because it crashes soooooo often that we have to remember to save every half hour - hour at least, lol. The game is sooo addictive for me that this latest patch had me loose 5 hours of game play when it didn't save at all... I got in and out of the tractor at least 25 times during that session (Holding my breath every time praying it didn't crash... it only did 4 out of 25.), and it said it was saving, but when I went to get on to play yesterday it reverted to one of the first saves after putting my tractor down on one of the purple tendrils that take you to the core, almost mid gaming session. My tractor was falling to the core of Desolo, I hadn't turned on the core or made it out the other side.... I was sooo sad but started that portion over. I made it out the other side again, saving all along every time I got in the tractor... again.... Double saved before exiting, but this time using the shuttle.... reloaded right away to see if it actually saved..... cried on reload as I watched my tractor falling back to the center of Desolo........ Lost another 4 hours and the ability to play this world at all...... Every time I save I have to hold my breath lol and pray it doesn't crash. It usually crashes about 40% of the time for me. My un-saving world makes mine unplayable. I'm a very sad camper to see that I would be having just as many issues even if I did buy another copy for my PC..... Hey Pile Driver! Its Almighty Dire. I haven't seen you in a while. Hope you are ok. I am So Sad. I cannot play multiplayer because of the lag.... I have 6 friends who all bought this game to play with me but we still cannot play together. The lag is sooo bad when I'm trying to stream too.... P.S. I can't wait to see your space station in person