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    Game Freeze

    no one seems to have noticed my post, but mine freezes when i try starting a game, namely the tutorial. this has been going on for months. i bought the game a year ago. since every post i have seen they have a geforce. maybe thats the problem? hard to tell since it is the number 1 gaming graphics card brand. and if it is, i dont know how the developers didnt test that.
  2. i have been waiting to see if this got fixed for months, but maybe no one has made a post yet. the game freezes and is unresponsive when trying to load the tutorial. longest i got was 15 seconds of play. cpu: I7 7820X ram: 32GB graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti let me know if i missed something. i've never made a bug report before. i usually just wait.