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    Lashleaf damage.

    This plant is broken. It was under the terrain and somehow kills me from a SMALL FALL when I've fallen from Greater heights and still survived. This is a terrible inconsistency. I died when i jumped off my vehicle onto ground that didn't look like it had anything only to be launched by the plant hiding underground and killing me. The values of damage from things needs to be fixed and the plants need to be fixed so they aren't hiding under the surface. It's not fun being instantly killed by something i cannot see.
  2. Sliding in this game is very detrimental. It's causing me nothing but aggravation due to how easily is triggers. At the slightest decline in the terrain i will suddenly do surfing slide. Now its cute on its own but when it causes me harm and causes me to drop whatever i'm holding it gets very very aggravating to where i'm now yelling at my character to stop. This is suppose to be a calming game but when a mechanic like this kicks in far to often to cause me nothing but grief i tend to put that game down as it's not worth it. I beg you to add in an option to either turn it off or i have to press a button to slide because I've been killed many times by it even on slopes that are 10 to 20 degree angles. Please change this. Add some options. Something because i'm not enjoying the game.