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    quality of life ideas

    1 ) backpack extenders, can only be equipped on the player backpack off to the sides (extra four slots per side raising total number of slots from 8 to 16 only on the backpack and adds an extra backpack battery because why not) 2 ) portable RTG, 4 unit/s power rate, made with 2 nanocarbon alloy or 1 NanoCarbon Alloy, 1 ceramic and cost 14k bytes (could be changed for balance) 3 ) alignment mod, i know this is already in the game but it doesn't follow planet gravity AT ALL, maybe a separate gravity alignment mod 4 ) Unbreakable Ground Remains flat at all times, players are able to deform the unbreakable ground 5 ) flying vehicles, i know we're getting jetpacks but imagine a cargo vehicle made to fly, it would make exploring easier (quadcopters) with the option of rotors (cheap and slow, 1 aluminum and 1 ceramic) or jets (expensive and fast, 1 tungsten carbide and 1 titanium alloy 6 ) player built space stations, with the addition of jetpacks, i want space stations to become a reality (could use jetpacks, magnetic boots, or artificial gravity) 7 ) a compass, something at the top of the screen to see where your base and beacons (on current plant (I.E. cannot see beacons on sylva when on desolo)) 8 ) official mod support, communities can be creative and great coders, can help speed up updates (mod integration into base game), and just add flavour into the general gameplay 9 ) storms, before release there were storms where the player could be killed and had to seek shelter, I.E. holes or the shelter. i miss those