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    World Crashed

    Welp it didn't work
  2. JamJam731

    World Crashed

    Thanks. I'll have to test it out
  3. JamJam731

    World Crashed

    So, ever since the 1.09 update after renaming a world in the game, whenever I try and load the game again it will just freeze and stop working. Just today I was playing and renamed my newest world and left to go eat lunch quick. Then when I came back to it about 20 min later it crashed like my previous world had started to do. I thought maybe it had to do with renaming changing the gamefile location, but when I found the game files they were still in the correct location. After that I thought "Okay maybe it just doesn't like spaces in the names for some reason", but after removing the spaces on the game saves that aren't working they still wouldn't work. After that I made a new world and tried renaming it with a space in it and it still loaded me into the game properly without crashing... I have also looked at the files of the worlds themselves and could see no difference (other than the main name of it being different of course) in the type of file or anything. I have no idea what could be causing this. Please try and figure this out, so I am able to play the game as I am supposed to be able to.