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    1.1.0 - Steam - Freezing While Digging/Walking

    @GeneralMayonaise just to let you know that I turned off the sound For Astroneer under Steam, Astroneer, Properties, General, Set Launch Options then used the [-nosound] command and all seems to be working except the sound of course. It hasn’t crashed for a couple of hours - this is 1.1.2. I got it from another thread on here and several people seem to have mentioned it. @Axum this might work for you also. It must be a sound problem.
  2. brookymum

    1.1.0 - Steam - Freezing While Digging/Walking

    @GeneralMayonaise thanks. I had it downloaded on a second computer (PC) also and tried it there on the off chance - 1.1.2 worked but was very slow FPS but at least it didn’t crash. Am going to check with my IT guy tomorrow - it may be the version of windows even though in both places I use it through steam. The laptop where it crashes on has Windows 10 Pro while my PC has Windows 7 I think.
  3. brookymum

    Frozen in steam update

    Have reported tte same thing in another topic @Axum - totally identical to what is happening with you. Screen freezes 2-30 minutes into playing, music is still playing, Task Manager says Astroneer is not responding so the only option is to End Task and start again. Doesn’t appear to be linked to any particular activity in Astroneer and in fact can happen when doing nothing at all. Astroneer was very stable prior to this in Version 1.0.15. Not sure anyone from @Sysadmin, @SES_joe is actually reading this but couldn’t you put a path back to the previous version in preferences in Steam where you had the Beta version while you sort this out. Love this game as it is not like the others I have seen from my son’s collection. I downloaded it for him but ended up playing myself! Windows 10 Pro V17763 : Surface Book Intel Core i7-6600U CPU @ 2.60GHz : RAM - 16GB
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    1.1.0 - Steam - Freezing While Digging/Walking

    @GeneralMayonaise thanks tried to revert but way too complicated for me. Didn’t realise that computer games could be put out like this that we’re literally unplayable.
  5. brookymum

    Game Freeze

    Exactly the same thing happens to me. Games freezes, music still playing. Have to go into task manager to close Astro then reboot.
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    1.1.0 - Steam - Freezing While Digging/Walking

    This is even worse in the 1.1.2 version than it was in Beta. I have been in 3 times now and it freezes within the first 5 minutes. The last time I wasn’t doing anything but the research chamber was going. Not going to try again as it is a waste of time. Not sure if I can manage to downgrade to a previous version as it looks quite complicated.
  7. brookymum

    1.1.0 - Steam - Freezing While Digging/Walking

    I can confirm the same also. Tried the Beta version earlier in the week and had to save every 5 minutes because it kept crashing. Very time consuming as you have to go out and in every 5 minutes. Reverted to the 1.0.15 version and all fine. Now steam has automatically downloaded 1.1.2 and straight away it freezes and then crashes. Would love it to be fixed so I can play the new version but will try to revert to 1.0.15 Done memory check and nothing wrong Windows 10 Pro V17763 Surface Book Intel Core i7-6600U CPU @ 2.60GHz RAM - 16GB Thanks