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  1. 5/10/2019 got an update to Astroneer from steam to ver and in older save or a new start it totally freezes in about 12 to 15 minutes then it will take down whole system, i play many large fast paced MMOs and this is a first in a solo play.. so far ir has happened three times while using terrain tool and once after i just finish with said tool it still occurred.... could some one left a code lock i n? or any ideas to try on this end?
  2. TaeLyn

    trailer bed

    simple little suggestion ,may be easy make i hope too often i come across a lot of small debris. it would be great you could have a box on the trailer or the rover to be able to collect and haul it back to base for shredding.. .help clean up the ecosystem while you do this.. currently things fall off the trailers and rovers.
  3. TaeLyn

    Frozen in steam update

    update... refund denied of course......on to next step...i had to spend 100+ mow on a newer video card... not the 1060...like everyone else ...tried it before so i just step up a notch and got a 740 with 4 GB s of Ram GDDR3 ... and guess what.. i got so happy i played it for like 6 hours then something reset and i lost it all... ..i had to delete older save they would not open.... but when i logged on Sunday i got a notice saying and update in downloading and every time i when in to the shelter at bottom of screen it said ..... √ saving game which i never saw before if you still have problem i did have some success with the -nosounds in the property setting of game ....try that still waiting for the fix and update be announce or was it the little on on Sunday dunno....
  4. well that was a bust so i am asking for a refund.......see what i can do later please if you want still friend me on FB
  5. TaeLyn

    Frozen in steam update

    ok people i have requested a refund from steam on the game it keeps crashing and it even locks up my computer ..so i can not play it please follow your own heart and do not let me be your guide... i am going to see if i can fins some game not so buggy to play.
  6. now this is weird download_depot 361420 361422 3661519610339301579 the second group 361422 is a number associated with and that is what dl to my system wonder if it was 20 in that last group instead
  7. need to reinstall game i found out cause i got this ] download_depot 3614 20 361422 366151961033930 157 9 Depot download failed : missing app info for 3614 ok again i try
  8. TaeLyn

    Email to System Era Support

    well the clean install was a bust maybe a new computer would work. next stelp is to un install and do the back step ...i think i gonna go fishing
  9. TaeLyn

    Email to System Era Support

    in gaming politics is a wasteland just forget about it to each his own and use Discord for what it can do for you, on the crash thing i found out the guy who handle the forums wass out of town and should be back today according to the Discord monitor i talked with last night so just hold tight ... to day i am going to uninstall then reinstall from the steam site as it may have been a corrupted file in the patching....we will see.
  10. TaeLyn

    Email to System Era Support

    that link is the email to ERA... these are the links i sent... https://forum.systemera.net/topic/52762-frozen-in-1120-steam-update/ https://forum.systemera.net/topic/52797-cannot-launch-my-saved-games/ https://forum.systemera.net/topic/52800-email-to-system-era-support/ https://forum.systemera.net/topic/52766-xboxpc-cross-platform-broken-112-version-mismatch/ https://forum.systemera.net/topic/52784-1120-steam-terrain-tool-disappearance/ https://forum.systemera.net/topic/52792-game-freezecrashing-constantly-when-playing-on-solo-but-never-when-in-multiplayer-1120/ https://forum.systemera.net/topic/52765-first-crashes/ and asked them nicely to please check in to them... still no luck
  11. TaeLyn

    Email to System Era Support

    found this........ sending them these link too support@systemera.net <support@systemera.net>;
  12. TaeLyn

    Clean Planets option

    that scrap is for you to collect to put in your shredder without using up resources making stuff to shred. also if you bother to examine you may find usable items in that scrap like batteries seats wind turbines solar panels and that big solar array from the crashed satellite will supply power only need some extenders. so all you see out there id actually treasure for you to gather and use.
  13. it sats in options astroneer ,.....................
  14. oh i just ordered it tonight this office task chair is dying so i splurged a tiny bit ..not much but i did get one that takes care of the problem.. .looks sweet too. nice gamer chair...reclines Grammi will sit in it and try to take it away .... yup just the console
  15. YIPEE YAYAYAYA [ DANCES AROUND THE ROOM] THANK YOU ! GeneralMayonaise you are dee bestest....!!!!!
  16. dang it opened console so at bottom i put in the info you gave me and now waiting to complete i wish i had my new chair with all this input and wait stuff be so much more comfortable
  17. oh -console never showed it said support ok
  18. it went else where i think i found it
  19. updating installing made glassy plunky noises sign in to Steam and took me to updates iof 1.10 launching..... An error occurred while updating ASTRONEER (missing executable) c:\programs files(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\ASTRONEER\Astro.exe see the stream support site for more information ok maybe i should ask for refund hyou sure the stateflag was suppose to be 4?
  20. updating installing made glassy plunky noises sign in to Steam and took me to updates iof 1.10
  21. thank you a whole big bunch........ you made so much more sense to this lost and confused wandering space poke... now to sit up all night to do this.. and if you don't mind another page to add to my game binder
  22. i will let you know once i read it and try it out
  23. TaeLyn

    Update 1.1.2 - May 10, 2019

    wow that is a lot of stuff but now its in and no one can play due to crashing no more content till crash is fixed please
  24. TaeLyn

    Frozen in steam update

    well i can not access the console so how am i to do this? believe me i have tried
  25. steam you can see how much of a headache this has been my head is swollen