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  1. why need what you can make.......i build power arrays on a;ll planets just need 2x level storage and go look for salvage power units and make what you need to fill the holes.....this is a sandbox game dudes means look at what you got and figure out the multiply uses of everything
  2. update this a bit although we have beacons on our base if it is pass the horizon you either have a good nose for the return path or you wonder about hoping to see them ... i would suggest have a homing marker on the compass nothing more than a red or blue dot point back to your landing pad. this way when you go to another planet you set up a landing pad and you will have a homing beacon to find your way back to your shuttle and your base... like a bread crumb in a sense
  3. yea bigger printer......most definatly help now that we have a bigger platform.......the only drawback is the cost and space,,,,,,,
  4. the use of graphite for packagers is a self defeater you need to mine or make graphite and t make for some you intend to destroy is counter productive i need graphite for graphene in order to mau RTGs for power to the Shredders i now mounted a xlrg shredder on a lrg rover with twin silos on back and twin on driver rover .. on bad thing is now i find a perfectly working platform or power device won't shred and trying to carry it back on a rover is a continuing jump off and reload and those med B plat forms make for great power farms
  5. how long do we have to wait till the Devs clean up the unwanted respawn of terrain in co op games.... if you clear our a cavern for a base set up it will leave chunks and the like in the way and co op players can not get thru it even after they blast the pieces
  6. more efficient use of silo storage on base units we need tier 2 medium storage to use on base units with the silos say they would have one tier two on each side so when they lay flat on the smelter you could place two silos per side
  7. TaeLyn


    i have steam and my cursor will jump to second screen as well unless its loading then it appears to be caged... sometimes fullscreen will alleviate this
  8. TaeLyn

    Ground Desync

    this has happened in co op games i have either hosted and others had this respawn issue or i came across it while playing as client... it gets to be rather annoying when your in a group and the other can seam to under stand why your not moving when do not see the blockage..... so please fix in an patch or get the servers set and on line .. also the fps drop crazily when this happens
  9. i love the junk especially when i find a useable item in it......need to make it possible to move on a rover instead of having to walk it back to the shredder.
  10. build extra large shredder worked on the first day....then i needed to reconfigure my base so i mocec the shredder and it platform... now anything i try to shred falls throgh the shredder on to the platform... any one have any ideas how this may be fixed other than making a new one and having the old in laying around?
  11. June 6 /19 in the eft and lot of buggy issues have been taken care of in the summer update,,,,,1.2.8... playing on the EFT so i know the dev can get info on any bugginess that happens. same Old computer but i did get a new video card but not the latest founds a nVidia GT 740 4GB 128Bit... at a real decent price.... and it made a world of difference ... and until @. hits and more content and hopefully creative play happens i am happy with this... it you want a space shooter a builders game in ot where you look also leave the gameplay as it is there are alot of others space games out there that will fill the need to kill everything in sight.. leave this game for the nonkilling player ......
  12. This has happened to me a few times when visiting other players co op session...yes i was invited... they have opened up a cave or made a ramp and the deforming or reforming areas revert back to the state prior to deforming.. and if i tried to remove the terrain it came right back and prevents me from going thru
  13. ummm this what i got when i clicked your link ..... Oops! 410 - The requested page has expired Get me out of here