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    Less than 5 mins gameplay (crashing)

    Hey nothing's perfect, give it time. The devs are hard at work.
  2. Nope, and the she has to be in-game in order to be joinable, not to mention be launched from steam
  3. When you are at the main menu, the icon that shows two Astroneers will be multiplayer. If one of you has the game launched and loaded in a save file, the other can join directly via. the menu.
  4. So you are joining not by the game, but by other means? I would always recommend using the game to connect, and not steam or XBox profiles..
  5. Could you be more clear as to what you mean by 1 internet connection? There shouldn't be any problem connecting via. the game lobby.
  6. So basically, I was in a mine in a brand new save, a few hours in. The auto save function when entering habitat decided not to work, and my game crashed while mining. When I crashed, I was moving really fast by sliding, and my camera did a really fast 180 turn. The game froze and crashed, losing my save file. This could be related to chunk loading possibly, and isn't too big of a problem compared to things such as multiplayer glitches and bugs like floating battery cells. Just thought to chime this in :P