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  1. Jeffrey Barrett

    Crashes on Xbox 1

    My game won't save anymore. Every time I try to enter a vehicle or hab the game crashes & exits to the Xbox home screen. This is even after the recent update was downloaded & installed. It's great I can build an extra large shredder, but not if it doesn't save my progress anymore! This issue needs to be fixed.
  2. Jeffrey Barrett

    Xbox crash when i save the game

    My game also crashed when saving. It started when I tried to share my base power with a locked gateway via extenders. I started leading the extenders to an unlocked gateway, but realized I was going the wrong way so began to pick up the extenders, now it crashed whenever trying to save.
  3. Jeffrey Barrett

    Not Saving

    Try saving before exiting. I always try to enter a base or vehice before leaving the game.
  4. The game has been crashing after picking up extenders.