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    The Lunar Update - July 18th, 2019

    I agree. Wheres the adult costumes?! Not the beef, but the adult costumes.
  2. thebloxxer11

    Vehicle idea: exoskeleton "M.U.L.E."

    Similar design. My concept is more blocky.
  3. thebloxxer11

    Vehicle idea: exoskeleton "M.U.L.E."

    I'm working on a concept CAD Model for this right now. Expect a Sketchfab link soon. It won't fit the style of Astroneer, but will give an idea.
  4. thebloxxer11

    New Power Source

    Large Generator? I could see that in that place.
  5. thebloxxer11

    Homing platform

    Maybe make it a function to call rockets using a landing pad? A terminal with a list of shuttles should be put on a deployed landing pad for recall of shuttles.
  6. thebloxxer11

    Research Chamber Speed

    I like the idea, but I wouldn't use a resource, I would use more power to overclock the Research Chamber, at the cost of byte loss, 5% to 7% loss for the time it was overclocked.
  7. thebloxxer11

    Automation Idea: Autopilot to Landing pad

    I would use 3 beacons to identify landing pads, and 2 landing pads with the same color beacons in the same spots would be linked.
  8. thebloxxer11

    Nuclear Fusion Reactor

    I was reading another post on the forum when I stumbled into the idea of a Fusion reactor. Here are my ideas after viewing it, including some of their ideas: Fuel: Hydrogen and Lithium, close to the IRL counterparts, Deuterium and Li-8. Cost to make: In the Large Printer, it takes 2 Nanocarbon alloy and either 2 Astronium or 2 Refined Astronium (Refined Astronium is another idea) Results: Helium and 24A of power To reach Ignition: 1 Hydrogen Gas Canister, 1 Lithium, and 16A of power To keep it running, it uses one fifth of a hydrogen gas canister and one fifth of lithium over 2 minutes. Fits on: XL Platform A If it runs out of fuel, it will safely shut down, unless it hits an unstable temperature, it will try to cool itself and display red lights, make annoying sounds, and warn the player. If the temperature is way too high, beyond self-cooling, it will melt down, breaking machines. If you stand near a fusion reactor during a meltdown: you die. IRL: Fusion Meltdowns are theoretically rare, unlike Fission meltdowns (Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima).
  9. thebloxxer11

    Element Synthesizer (spin-off Chemistry Lab)

    The Fusion reactor needs is own post.
  10. thebloxxer11

    An Automation Idea

    I was thinking conveyor belts and I/O robots, with an entire network for item requisition requiring a refined version of Astronium, which should be renamed to Astronite.
  11. thebloxxer11

    More Mods (the terrain tool kind)

    What I Agree with: Smoothing Augment Range Augment Alignment 2 Augment The reason I agree is that they would be great additions, range augment especially. What I don't agree with: Repair Augment Shredding Augment The reason I disagree is that it's a TERRAIN tool, not a repair/deconstruct tool.
  12. thebloxxer11

    Items in backpack disapear when in tractor

    I think this is intended for performance. I may be wrong however.
  13. thebloxxer11

    New power source/collecter idea? (Very Big Idea!)

    We have an Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (RTG). Maybe the Nuclear reactor be a bigger, more powerful RTG?
  14. thebloxxer11

    Printable Elevator!!!🤯

    That is 8A of power, I would consider dropping to 4A base (2 floors), and every floor you add (more than 2 floors) is 2A extra. That makes it easy to power without getting Nanocarbon Alloy. To represent the power cost calculation, it is P=2(f-2)+4 and f>=2. P is power required to operate at max speed, 2 represents the cost per floor, f is the number of floors, and 4 is the base cost. That -2 is accounting for just two floors, Top and Bottom, which should just cost 4A. The 8A is excessive in my opinion, so that is why I'm suggesting this way of powering the elevator. I will also suggest that there be only one type of elevator to make it easier for the programmers because of modularity idea. One thing I want to see in the elevator concept is for it to create the elevator shaft itself. Attach a drill to the Bore module first, so you don't have to dig the shaft manually.
  15. thebloxxer11

    Astro Royale

    r/whooosh Broken Arrow Forever (You missed the joke.)
  16. thebloxxer11


    I think Astronium should be able to be refined using Hydrazine, then used in highly advanced machines, such as, if released, Automation Control and item requisition. Keep in mind that this is all just something I would suggest to SES.
  17. thebloxxer11

    Hotfix 1.1.3 - May 23rd, 2019

    No. Hotfixes don't usually contain content.
  18. The EFT Build has the next version, 1.1.3, inside there may be a patch. I am running a test of the build on my PC.