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  1. Inspiration from Satisfactory?
  2. Excellent idea! This could also be used to help locate your base again.
  3. thebloxxer11

    Ping: Art Department

    For the sake of PERFORMANCE, make it a graphics option that defaults to Disabled, or not added in the first place.
  4. thebloxxer11

    Crane floodlight slot

  5. Uhhh, Let's not talk Planetside 2 here.
  6. I think that reducing the byte cost is a fair change.
  7. thebloxxer11

    NEw terrain mod idea

    Already exists: Alignment Mod.
  8. thebloxxer11


    I think it has the advantage of advanced movement. Have you played Planetside 2 and used the Vanu Magrider? If not, it will be able to strafe while rotation is locked to the camera.
  9. thebloxxer11

    Status report on Dedicated Servers?

    Delayed to December for Beta tests, January for release. View the SES_dev stream most recent to this comment.
  10. thebloxxer11

    Lost all my items but not my save?

    Reopen the save. If it doesn't work, reopen the game. That is a temporary fix.
  11. thebloxxer11

    Shuts computer off if I don't save often

    Huh. Now see if it's a temperature problem, as it shuts down if the temperature gets too high.
  12. thebloxxer11

    Shuts computer off if I don't save often

    1. Is your default DirectX version 11? 2. Are your drivers updated?