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    player data is lost in multiplayer

    Mod on discord asked me and my friend to verify the game files, so we did and the problem just happenned me again a few minutes ago. I don't know if it can be a clue but i can see flying objects in his game, and i have some FPS problems. I must precise that all these bugs just appeared with the recent update.
  2. Hi guys, i have a problem when i play with a friend. Sometimes when i log-in back from afk to his game (he has the host) i have to start back from the beginning : my location/stuff in my inventory isn't saved. That happened me 4 times today, i don't know what to do... Almost every time when I re-login it seems like my "player data" isn't saved or even deleted... Can you help me with that ? Aurescalia PS : sorry for my bad english, french boy here ^^