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    Oxygen and power trails

    You can already do this with the Portable Oxygenator
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    Update 1.1.2 - May 10, 2019

    Awesome job on the patch! I had a lot of fun exploring and spelunking. I like how tractor is faster and climbs steeper slopes. It felt like the Astroneer sprints faster, too. I ran into an Exo cache unlockable with a special resource, which was very cool. I also ran into a few issues: - I knocked a tether off by riding over it with a rover. It never happened again, though. This tether was placed before the update. - It was a pain to reconnect that tether to the rest of the network: the blue hologram showed it would connect to the powered part of the network, but dropping it connected it to the unconnected network. This happened with a few tethers, until one of them correctly connected on both sides. - Sometimes placing a tether on a slope suspends it a foot or two mid air. It is stable in the air, though. - I left a tractor in a very narrow hole and was ejected into the wall. I floated up until I reached another cave floor. Other than that, leaving vehicles seems improved and less jumpy - Before updating Astroneer, I died. I updated the game and went looking for my gear. There was no UI indicator and no backpack to pick up. Instead, miniature items were laying on the floor. I managed to pick them all up - I found a zebra ball spawned mid air (~3ft above ground) and I had to use terrain tool underneath it to be able to interact with it. Hope this helps