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  1. There is a known bug with the furnace not pulling stuff from storage to smelt. What if you put the items on the 4 smelter slots? Does it work then?
  2. Specs: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 8GB RAM Intel i7-4790 CPU Steam version 1.1.0 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
  3. You can trade for ammonium 1:1 at the trade platform. Hydrazine lasts for quite a while compared to a solid thruster.
  4. The shredders are great and all but man do they make a racket! It makes it very hard to hear anything else when standing anywhere near one.
  5. We had this happen too. It was when we both launched at pretty much the same time. The ship just got stuck in orbit, and I had to exit the game and join back in, which placed me on Sylva as if I was joining for the first time. The ship is still in orbit.
  6. Does this one have to be fixed? Those shredders are very loud...
  7. Hi there, On the Steam version of the new beta, while playing in a multiplayer session, not as the host, the terrain gun in not accessible from the backpack menu by pressing E. I instead have to click on the gun to access its inventory. If the gun's inventory is open for access and the backpack menu is closed (Q), the gun stays floating in the middle of the screen. Not 100% sure what causes this bug or when it starts happening. Might be entering a seat or shuttle or flying to another planet.