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  1. marhuff55

    Loading things into the new Extra large shredder

    The problem was, if you had removed the junk seat from it earlier for shredding in the smaller shredder, we were not able to lift the junk rover later so we could shred it in the large one. But by repackaging it, and then unpacking it, the junk rover now had a junk seat added to it so we were then able to lift the rover up for shredding.
  2. marhuff55

    Loading things into the new Extra large shredder

    Thanks guys, I'm glad it worked for you. It made a big difference in the amount of scrap that I was getting, and the bonus junk seat was just added icing on the cake. I made three separate trips out in the field collecting and shredding scrap, and all together I came back with 31 full medium storage units of shredded scrap metal.
  3. marhuff55

    How To Get Rich

    nunya, I agree. we have a person that posts a topic, then adds to it once, no problem, then makes a third post slamming everyone. You can tell the info they used in the third post seems to be made up. They seem to think that because their computer can't handle the game, no game company should make things better for those whose computers CAN handle it, then they go off on a rant that makes no sense what-so-ever. Weird is putting it mildly.
  4. marhuff55

    Loading things into the new Extra large shredder

    When I first tried putting a junk rover in the large shredder, I couldn't lift it. But, I tried something different. I packaged the junk rover. When I unpackaged it, it had a seat on it(I had went around and shredded all the junk seats in the smaller shredder weeks ago). I was then able to junk the seat, and also lift the junk rover and put it through the new shredder. I hope this helps you guys.
  5. marhuff55

    1.1.0 EFT XL Shredder sound bug

    I just got done playing single player using the XL shredder, and while shredding a rover, the sound starts out fine, but after a moment or two, it starts to quiet down, almost to a point to where you can barely hear the sound of a couple pieces of metal rattling. I'm not sure if that is what they intended for it or not.
  6. marhuff55

    Update 1.1.2 - May 10, 2019

    For anyone who may try and scrap a rover, but find that you can't pick it up, you need to package it first before you can pick it up. Once you package it, set it close to the shredder and then unpack it. If it did not have a seat on it before you packet it, once you unpack it, you will find that it now has one, and you will then be able to pick up the damaged rover for placement into the shredder. Hope this helps. I just finished taking the large rover out into the field with two RTG's on the front, two large batteries behind the seat, along with a medium storage module by the seat. Behind the rover, I pulled another rover with eight medium storage modules on it, followed by one more rover with the XL shredder on it, and two medium storage modules on the tail of it. I had eleven modules full of scrap, plus two on my back pack when I ran out of room on the modules. This is a scrappers paradise. You seem to never run out of damaged parts to shred.