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    Update 1.1.2 - May 10, 2019

    Can you please add a fix to lost shuttles/rockets? Me and my cousin have been playing for a few days on one save(my save), and have already lost 2 large shuttles with the hydrazine thruster on em, the fist one lost even had resources and research "pods" or "byte pods". I would like a way to retrieve the 2 rockets, or or have them auto land when client disconnects or not present. Or even better have the game be fixed so that it doesnt happen. How it happens: My cousin uses a rocket to go from some other planet to go back "home"(Starting planet), when he has traveled to home planet and clicks on the "landing bubble" nothing happens, he's stuck. He leaves or i end the session to restart it, he restarts like it's his first time in my game, and the rocket he was flying has become a "satellite" that orbit the planet.