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  1. Good morning, I write this post in order to bring to your attention a series of bugs that happened to me and my friends in co-op. 1) this is the less serious bug but that however ruins the gameplay that is the fact that as the players join the game the framerate decreases drastically. like when I am alone I have 160-200 fps and instead when we are in 3 I have 20-30 fps. 2) this is the most serious bug because it does not allow us to play astronner for more than a few hours from the moment you create a new game that is the fact that when you are in 3 in co-op and you go to the space with 3 spaceships at least one player crashes and he can't re-join the game so we have to create a new save. we have tried it few times. 3) similar to bug n.2 if 3 players in co-op travel in space with the bigshuttle only the host will remain in the party while the other players will be kicked out of the game and will no longer be able to re-join it. So the problem is that if u go in the space in 3 you will no be longer able to play. So it means that if u want to play with friends u are allowed to play only on Sylva. That's a serious problem that ruins the experience.. it would be nice if u could fix it.