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  1. Dave173

    Update 1.1.2 - May 10, 2019

    What! A bug? Why am I not suprised.
  2. Dave173

    Less than 5 mins gameplay (crashing)

    Working on it? This isnt the beta still and they still haven't got the basics right. I payed for a product and its faulty. If it wasn't ready they shouldnt have put it on sale.
  3. I decided to time how long I took before I got booted to xbox home. 4m 47s And this is acceptable? Im just glad you dont make cars.
  4. Dave173

    Crashing tractor

    Game plays on xbox ok but crashes back to main xbox menu without saving everytime I enter the tractor. So now im stuck half way down to the core and cant move the tractor and dont have enough oxygen to get back without. Also the vehicles sink into the floor.