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  1. I updated to the Holiday patch on my XBox and started gathering presents. When I loaded up on my PC the next day, it synced my data. I'm in the same place with all my stuff EXCEPT, I'm on the previous software version. The new patch WILL NOT download so I've lost all my progress and new stuff and can not get the patch to download on my PC. How do you force a patch update on the PC? Thank you for any guidance you can provide.
  2. An update to this issue.... since the patch that went in last week I have successfully managed to get to the center of Vesania and have also completed Novus. And my system has not crashed once, not even while saving, since the patch went in. Thank you for the fix system era!!
  3. While drilling to the center of Vesania, I got close to the center (far down, very light gravity) and went to save my game on the surface. Since xbox tends to crash about 1 in 4 saves, I want to save often so as not to lose a lot of work. Save was successful, but on the way down, the game crashed. I tried walking, sliding, rebooting my Xbox several times, and I checked my wifi connection. After several hours of trying to get back to where I was, I relocated to another area on the planet and tried again. I reached about the same level in the planet and once again the game crashes as I'm trying to get back down to that level after I save. It is literally impossible for me to get to the planet center of Vesania. I have patch I am not using tethers at all for this journey. It says you get the crash logs from Xbox, so you should see dozens from me on Saturday and some more from me today. This is frustrating as it is a complete stoping point, not just an annoyance at frequent crashing.
  4. I also have this issue. I have the latest patch, but the game crashes all the time when I save. This is especially frustrating because the game already crashes a lot on its own. I played today for over 3 hours and only made about 30 minutes of progress. It's is starting to get to the point where I can no longer play. I'm in a cycle now where I saved in my shelter, but the game crashes before I make it to where I left off digging to the center of the planet. Please help! I am playing on Xbox One.