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    Better Recreational Sphere

    The Recreational Sphere is a great addition to the game, good for Astroneer League or just kicking it around like normal soccer; however, I think many improvements could be made. As an avid Rocket League player myself, ball cam is an essential part of the game. I think either adding a GUI to the ball with an option to enable ball cam, or some key binding to enable/disable ball cam would be a wonderful addition. A GUI may be necessary in this case, if there is more than one ball in the vicinity, the player would want to select the specific ball they want the camera to lock on. Furthermore, if a group of people want to play soccer just by kicking it around, it's easy for someone to just pick the ball up and spoil the game. Again a ball GUI might be needed here, with an option to disable players from picking up the ball. The physics of the ball could use a bit of tweaking. I'd like to see the ability to hit/kick the ball very far, this would provide for some very interesting gameplay. Also, I've noticed that when a player head-butts the sphere, it does not apply a lot of force to it. I'd like to see some aerial moves where the player has jetpacks, and is balancing the ball on their head while flying through the air. I don't think that is possible right now, since little to no force is applied upward on the ball when the player is underneath.
  2. EndersTenders

    Medium Battery Texture glitch

    Yeah I think this has been an issue for awhile. From what I've seen, medium batteries will always do this after a flight, and I have seen small solars do a similar thing where the solar panel detaches from the stand.
  3. EndersTenders

    Smelting item texture bug

    When an item begins to smelt, the color gradient of the nugget flips axes. Only tested with a few ores.
  4. EndersTenders

    (Suggestion) rocket mechanic

    I agree! I think the best solution would be to have a secondary confirmation only if you have just landed and not exited the shuttle yet. It's very easy to mis-click and relaunch when you just want to exit the shuttle. Rarely does someone want to relaunch after just landing, yet it's very easy to make that mistake
  5. EndersTenders

    1.1.0 EFT XL Shredder sound bug

    Definitely not a high priority bug. But when I see a bug I’ll report it. If you think the shredder makes too much noise give them some feedback on the forum to let them know.
  6. Currently playing in 1.1.0 EFT on steam, so I don't know if this issue is unique to the this build. The XL Platform B will have it's oxygen status lights on at all times, regardless if it is connected to an oxygenator. When the platform is being unpacked, you can see the lights are off, then they immediately switch on.
  7. After placing two medium shredders into the XL shredder, the shredder will stop making noise after the first medium shredder is finished being shredded. The shredder stops making noise until the game is reloaded. I have not extensively tested other objects, two medium shredders is the only way i have reproduced this.