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  1. GeneralMayonaise

    What Gaming News Outlets Don't Know About Astroneer

    I was thinking the same thing. There's almost no way the game can get the reviews it does if there is money being exchanged. Unless on the very far off chance there was a bug free version that was released to YouTubers and reviewers. I'm really not trying to sound like it's a conspiracy, because I don't think it is. I do think you may have hit the nail on the head though @The Touch of Grey Gamer. I appreciate your opinion and taking the time to post.
  2. GeneralMayonaise

    What Gaming News Outlets Don't Know About Astroneer

    I appreciate your comment and opinion, you could be right. It's an idea I had last night and figured it would be good to get the community's opinion.
  3. I have spent some time looking at news and review articles for Astroneer. After searching a number of articles, I have found one that has any mention of issues the game has and those mentioned are minimal at best. The second I found is about concerning EULA contents. The third is an interview where co-founder Brendan Wilson talks about the game and communication with the community. It would seem that no one outside of the forum has any idea what is truly going on with the game. I know that there are some players who do not experience the same issues as myself and others. The fact is, if you choose to read the articles below, most articles I have read say the game is in near-perfect working order. There are no consistent CTD problems. The game does not more often than not freeze the entire system, requiring a hard reset. SES is in regular communication with the community and works with said community to patch and fix issues. I beg to differ. My proposal is this: I would like to try to contact one the many gaming news outlets and give them the true story on what the game is really like (for some of us). I am hoping that this may give SES the incentive to live up to what they have said in interviews, as well as what they have said in the forums. If any like-minded forum members would like to contribute to this, you are more than welcome. Listed below are the articles I mentioned above. Astroneer Review: Enjoyable Gameplay Marred By Techincal Issues Astroneer Answers Questions About EULA To Steal User Data Gamasutra - What Astroneer's devs learned while leaving Early Access
  4. I salute you, sir. If you would like I can post the full ini file so you can see if the changes appeared on mine. I don't believe it was naive at all, at least you're investigating possibilities. If this is at least part of the crashing issue, that's just bad coding on SES's end. I'll bet you if SES gave the source code to a group of community members (like that would happen) who have experience in coding, a fix could be possible. Code may not be the whole problem but it's definitely a good place to start.
  5. GeneralMayonaise

    1.1.0 - Steam - Freezing While Digging/Walking

    The -nosound parameter works for me. FPS isn't all that great, but it is more smooth than it was before. Less jerky and that is definitely an improvement. What doesn't make sense is why having no sound does this. The sound files must take up a lot of RAM if that's the case, which is ridiculous. I shouldn't be looking a gift horse in the mouth though, so I appreciate @brookymum and whoever figured this out to begin with.
  6. I tried the fix but was not able to stay in the game for more than five minutes before crashing. Also, I couldn't get the game to boot in windowed fullscreen so I don't think my results are valid. I'm not sure how to upload attachments, so here's my info: Time: From starting game: 2:25 Loading save to crash: 3:25 .ini file settings: [ScalabilityGroups] sg.ResolutionQuality=100.000000 sg.ViewDistanceQuality=3 sg.AntiAliasingQuality=3 sg.ShadowQuality=3 sg.PostProcessQuality=3 sg.TextureQuality=3 sg.EffectsQuality=3 sg.FoliageQuality=3 [/Script/Astro.AstroGameUserSettings] Language= Brightness=0 CloudQuality=1 MouseSensitivity=11 MasterVol=0.800000 MusicVol=0.800000 SoundFXVol=0.800000 VoiceVol=0.800000 AmbientVol=0.800000 InvertedCameraYAxixMouse=False bHoldToSprintMouse=True InvertedCameraYAxisGamepad=False bHoldToSprintGamepad=False bVehiclesUseAbsoluteSteering=True MaxPlayers=4 AllowInitialPlanetSelection=False HaveDefaultInputBindingsBeenApplied=True bUseVSync=True ResolutionSizeX=1366 ResolutionSizeY=768 LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeX=1366 LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeY=768 WindowPosX=-1 WindowPosY=-1 FullscreenMode=1 LastConfirmedFullscreenMode=2 PreferredFullscreenMode=1 version=5 AudioQualityLevel=0 FrameRateLimit=0.000000 DesiredScreenWidth=1366 DesiredScreenHeight=768 LastRecommendedScreenWidth=-1.000000 LastRecommendedScreenHeight=-1.000000 LastCPUBenchmarkResult=-1.000000 LastGPUBenchmarkResult=-1.000000 LastGPUBenchmarkMultiplier=1.000000 bUseHDRDisplayOutput=False HDRDisplayOutputNits=1000 I copied your file directly to my WindowsNoEditor folder and only changed the resolution. I tried twice, the first time it was set to windowed so I changed it in game, quit, and tried again. As you can see, it still reverted to windowed. I hope you get something out of this.
  7. The attachment download worked. Sorry for the lack of clarity.
  8. It worked, I will get back to you.
  9. @mystikro I will test it and get back to you when I finish. Thanks a lot for your work, even if it doesn't completely pan out. At least you're trying to fix the issue. Edit: Tried to access the attachment and got an error: Sorry, there is a problem This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location. Error code: 2C171/1 If you could PM me the attachment, I can re-try it.
  10. GeneralMayonaise

    1.1.0 - Steam - Freezing While Digging/Walking

    @brookymum Thanks, I appreciate the info. I will give it a try and cross my fingers. I'm sure it will work but with this game you never know.
  11. GeneralMayonaise

    Dev Road Map

    I don't think you're on their side @Blind Io. I've seen enough of your posts to know that. Didn't find their joke very funny is all. I apologize if I offended, it wasn't my intention.
  12. GeneralMayonaise

    Dev Road Map

    I very much agree. What about those of us who weren't apart of EA and didn't know it was a joke. The fact that we paid for the game isn't a joke, neither is the fact that a large portion of the time (since just after release in my experience) the game has been a steaming pile of unplayable 💩. If we are so unimportant as well as many who have tried to contact SES via Discord, why don't they just shut the forum down. We're all just a bunch of whiny children apparently anyways. Yes, I am grumpy. At times I'm downright pissy. I get that if the game doesn't work 90% of the time I should find something else to do. I do just that. I play a different game, I come on here and with my limited experience try to assist those that have questions related to that limited experience, or I go do something not related to anything electronic at all. But, I play and enjoy the game when it does work. I'm grumpy because I paid money (for some insane reason really doesn't grow on trees) for something advertised as a working full release product. I got a game that is somewhat in beta, somewhat not depending on the day of the week it seems. When they put out another update, I really hope I actually get to use the jetpack without the game (and this is the only one I have that does it) telling my pc to eff off and die. Good point. When I first came on here, another member was telling me to post my system specs along with several other members. HTF is posting my specs going to fix the game? I wouldn't have bought the game if my pc didn't meet the minimum requirements (which if anyone cares, sits right below recommended). I made my point to them and as far as I've seen, the member mentioned hasn't "contributed" his opinion on system specs since. I looked through the forum at other user's posts and came to the conclusion that the hardware spectrum of bug reporters was too broad for hardware to be an issue. If hardware was the problem, the major issues would be isolated to a specific manufacturer, chipset, etc. But it's not. It's not a bad idea to post your specs but when you think that typing something into this magic box is going to magically fix the game, you may need to rethink that. Again, excellent point. I am sure if you go on Steam (or whatever store is your preference) you would probably find that quite a few indie games that have done well are made by small teams. Take Dragon Age 2 for example. That was a AAA company and it sucked. I love the games BioWare has put out in the past but that one almost killed the franchise for me. I pre-purchased the game, played for about two or three days and quit. I just finished it earlier this year for the simple reason of continuity. Small teams have a big advantage over large companies. They tend to put more love and care into the game because they're not an assembly line like most large companies are. I know I'll probably be burned at the stake for heresy for saying this but even CoD started to suck after a while. More of the same assembly line crap over and over with a different look. I could keep going but I don't want to beat the proverbial dead horse. Maybe I am a whiner. Although, I did pay for the right to whine when the 💩 broke the fan. If/after this stupidity is resolved, I may apologize for being a d*ck but not before. And no sir, I did not say duck....stupid auto correct...
  13. GeneralMayonaise

    possible fix for crashing

    I haven't had much chance to fiddle around with it, but I was thinking about trying out the -force-opengl or -force-d3d parameters to see if that would help at all. If you look in the game's folder, it has both D3d and OpenGL folders. The only reason I mention the parameters is when I played KSP (past-tense, waiting for money to get a better rig) I used the -opengl parameter to help with RAM usage. It did help somewhat but I don't know if anything but the devs can save Astroneer.
  14. GeneralMayonaise

    Dev Road Map

    Then the update had better come with a bigger backpack. Otherwise that's what we're going to have to deal with on top of all of the bugs. It is pure insanity to say "Well, you can't play the game because it lags/crashes/you fall through the ground. But here's a super important piece of equipment that will probably kill you on every space of uneven ground. Good luck!" I can see it now: Your Astroneer is a skid mark at the bottom of the bunny hill....for the 47th time. I just looked at the road map and can someone help me out here? What purpose does a 'space snail' have? And what is it? Maybe, it's an extremely slow moving object in space that is inaccessible? Also, if you look at their 'Known Issues in Live Game' there isn't a single report of crashing during play other than the shuttle bug. The rest of the issues, however, can be found on the forum. Are they picking the most likely simpler to fix bugs and ignoring the possibly more complex ones? I had this thought that maybe, and it's just a thought mind you, SES isn't experiencing any of these issues and refuses to acknowledge the greater part of the community that does. Not an accusation, just a thought bouncing around my cranium. It would explain a lot too. So maybe, rollerblades work great on their end but will cause a thermo-nuclear explosion for us.
  15. GeneralMayonaise

    Lashleaf damage.

    It may be that the game is calculating the height from the plant, not the ground. I'm not saying it's not an issue, just as a possibility. Kind of like the bug that made the player bounce through solid terrain or the sinking rover in earlier post-release versions.