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    Looking For Players Megathread

    Yeah, looking for someone from Europe due to time zone constraints, English speaker. Steam. Available evenings and weekends. I already completed the game so I'm mostly looking to help someone out while they complete the game. Can use mic via Discord. Looking for serious players that want to play the game properly. Send me a PM in case you are interested. Bonus if you are a memester and a troll on jokes and a witty person. Edgy humor is a bonus. But normies are welcome too.
  2. mystikro

    Can't open my old world

    It is fixed. I managed to play for hours. It works fine, but please note that I did get one crash, so remember to save often.
  3. mystikro

    1.1.0 - Steam - Freezing While Digging/Walking

    Seems that the new beta is out and that it fixes the freezes. I've been playing for an hour so far and abusing the game. Could be fixed.
  4. mystikro

    Can't open my old world

    There is currently a freeze bug in the game. You have to wait for an update. The developers are (very slowly) working on it.
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    As I suggested in the astroneer discord forum I think it should be made radioactive and required for RTGs. Making RTGs with lithium makes no sense since the lithium isotopes are really poor at this. Alternatively can be used to power the jet pack or some kind of "nuclear reactor" that consumes it very slowly.
  6. So, With the help of a mod from the Discord server I got a ini config file. Using it I was able to run the game without any issues for an hour, which is new. The file needs to be located in the folder c:\Users\(your username)\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini What I need someone to help me with: 1. Backup your current file and put it somewhere else or rename it (eg. GameUserSettings2.ini or GameUserSettings(old).ini) 2. Download the file attached; 3. Open it with notepad and go to the lines below and ONLY change the following lines and nothing else (critical step) ResolutionSizeX=1920 ResolutionSizeY=1080 LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeX=1920 LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeY=1080 And make sure that you are using the correct resolution for your machine 4. Copy the file in your folder 5. Start the game, but in the menu please leave the display mode settings to WINDOWED FULLSCREEN. It is critical that you DO NOT CHANGE the display mode to FULLSCREEN for the purpose of this test, not even for a second as this will screw up the settings file and ruin the purpose of the test. 6. Play the game and let me know if the freeze still happens. If the game still freezes, and you have not fiddled with the FULLSCREEN settings, please attach your file to this thread along side with the time it took for the freeze to occur. Based on the data I will gather I will be able to submit this to SES to have them take a look into what's is at fault. Now, please note that this is mostly empirical testing, but I have not been able to play more than 5 minutes before using this new settings file. If your game isn't working anyways, what do you have to lose? Thanks. PS: If you don't mind, I would also appreciate the following information: 1. The old config file as well to be attached (please mark it old somehow in the name); 2. Tell me if your install is in the default Steam library folder (C:\Program Files) or if you are using a custom install folder for the steam library (eg where is the actual game installed on your pc) GameUserSettings.ini
  7. I attached as zip, maybe the site did not like the ini extension. I analysed the file, I could not find any specific difference, at least not all the information that was in it was pasted here. Anyways, full disclosure, on what I was testing. What I noticed is the following. When using the initial file, and only modifying the resolution, the file maintained integrity during gameplay. If, however, I would edit the fullscreen setting, some discrepancies would appear in the content of the file. More precisely, the controls would become scrambled on occasion. Certain key mappings would now be displayed on different rows. But it would always happen after switching the windowed mode to fullscreen. Reverting back to windowed afterwards would not bring the file back to the initial form so it remained "altered". My suspicion was that the freeze would be caused by the "corruption" of the config file. I thought that the game is looking for the controls in a specific order and somehow this "corruption" of the ini file causes the game to break. The file on the left is the original. The one on the right is the one where I enabled fullscreen. If it was naive of me to search for this, I don't know. But I have established a weird (at least empirical) connection between the windowed fullscreen and fullscreen modes. Using the game in windowed mode I got way longer play times than usual. I've seen game crashing from less than this, so I wanted to investigate if the ini file has a role to play into it. On my system, it does, but that could be just circumstantial. I would like the opinion of a dev it it is normal for the ini file to become rearranged when changing just one setting and if this has indeed any potential to cause issues with the game. But I don't hope to receive such an answer. And I won't be going back to discord to ask any dev anyways since the communication is too deficient for my taste. Thanks for your effort and time.
  8. Well, after testing for a few hours I found that the freeze still occurs. It does last longer until the game does it. But the fact that it still does seals it. It is somehow related to the fullscreen setting but it is part of the problem. So, you can still try and see for yourself, but since this yelds partial improvements I am going to call it quits. I will still look at your files if you upload them.
  9. I don't guarantee that this will lead to me finding the issue, but I have noticed an improvement in stability. It could just be random chance and all of this be irrelevant. I am aware of the -nosound fix but that is more of a workaround rather than a fix.
  10. mystikro

    Dev Road Map

    Best User Experience Webby Award. Ha Ha Ha! Now that's comedy. I love some good sarcasm. I can rate my experience 10/10 for the past week. Mostly because I experienced GTA V a lot and it was fun since Astroneer couldn't actually keep a session running no more than a Viagra dependent man can keep things on the up in the lack of the adequate medicine. So, yeah, Astroneer did give me the best user experience playing another game. *honk-honk*.
  11. mystikro

    Dev Road Map

    Once they fix the freeze bug I will close my Discord account and stop coming to the forum. I don't feel it is worth it to get too involved. You have to constantly complain and complain before someone notices you or the problem. That is, unless some wiseass that doesn't get the same bugs you do calls you the problem, hater, says your hardware is bad (despite running the game at max with 60fps), acting all snobish and elitist, ganging up on you to tell you it's your fault for not providing a crash log (when the game doesn't output one). It's a shitshow and I'm exhausted. The biggest flaw is that the devs rely too much on the Discord server and even there the communication is very scarce. It feels off putting. It's toxic and I already screamed into the void for other developers too on games way bigger than this. And I'm tired of hearing the same low effort excuse "well, they're a small team". As if big and small is a factor that should influence the quality of communication. I'm surprised that the people on Discord that get all triggered and gang up like a cult aren't saying that the game should actually suck because they are a small dev team and being good is reserved for the big teams. It seems that as long as they are a small team everything that is bad, is not only fine, it is intended to be so. Because we all know, small businesses are the worst kind, amirite? It's the big, mega coorporations where the quality and transparency is at, right? We live in a clown world.
  12. mystikro

    possible fix for crashing

    Tested, tried the tutorial, crashed 1 minute in, this fix is not working.
  13. mystikro

    possible fix for crashing

    Trying this now and I'll get back to you.
  14. mystikro

    Trains and tracks

    Why is a train made with nanocarbon alloy? It should be steel or smth. Good idea in part, but how do you make tracks? How do you make bends? How long are tracks then? Will you always be travelling the same path to justify the effort of setting up the tracks? A train would make sense if used like a mining cart that goes underground... But I don't think it's not going to be boring building the tracks. And how often will you use it to justify the effort?
  15. mystikro

    Dev Road Map

    I'm skipping the "future" stuff. I think the Encounters & Discoveries means more stuff to do on the surface but adds nothing to the end game. Which is fine. I can't care for the suit colors. I am happy with the default settings and have little interest in customization of something so non-essential as the suit. I find it time wasting to fiddle with the settings. Rollerblades need some explanation for me. The terrain is rough and I don't see how that could work, so if you have any extra info, share pls.
  16. The GPU is something to consider. 820M is many generations ago. I think that's the problem. Could try minimum settings and low resolution.
  17. mystikro

    Hyrdrazine only ONE Ammonium

    Ammonium is common in forests on purple terrain.
  18. mystikro

    trailer bed

    Good idea. It should also have a cover to open and close so that your stuff does not fly around when travelling and an option to unload all the items to the side like real trailers.
  19. mystikro

    Update 1.1.2 - May 10, 2019

    Well, according to the Discord server, this isn't even occurring so save your breath. I am starting to doubt the devs are even aware of how severe the issue is? Or that they know this bug is caused by something related to the sound, since you can play it with the -nosound switch just fine? What I saw on Discord was not encouraging and I feel like we may have to wait for a long time before we see a fix. I'm talking about the PC version. I don't think the devs care that much if they are not willing to spare 1 minute to provide an update saying that they are aware of the issue and what the progress is. CHANGE MY MIND.
  20. mystikro

    Email to System Era Support

    No, I didn't mean the politics of SES, I don't care for their politics. I meant the politics of Discord and their disregard for free speech. Discord was supposed to be a platform but somehow they made themselves a publisher and from my point of view the world would be better if they would go away as a service. GET WOKE GO BROKE. But that's another story. I just want to play games but somehow Discord thinks it is fine to tell me what I should think or how PC I should be. Whatever. I will be uninstalling Discord soon anyways. I only remembered I had an account when I saw that this game has a server and wanted to check the discussions. But I see no reason to continue using the service moving forward from here. As for the part where the game and Discord are both concerned, I was talking on the server today and I noticed that the people there don't even really know that the freeze bug is occurring? So that was disappointing. The bot spams the forum as a place to log bugs, but when you log the bugs I don't see any dev commenting or requesting additional info? It feels rather futile that there isn't a two way communication going on. Feels almost like class division. Some of that "elites won't talk to the plebs and working class" that is currently going on in the world. Maybe my perception is skewed, but I don't really see devs replying in the bugs section, if someone can show me I will gladly read the links where my conclusion is shown to be false? Anyways, I have not played for a week now and put the game aside because I cannot play it due to the bug. I will come back to it when they fix it. If they don't fix it I'll just leave a negative review on the Steam store page and say I donated the price of the game to charity, because I certainly did not get anything from my money so far (I bought the game a week ago about the same time the bug appeared). So far it's been a donation and not a transaction in my experience. I do feel a bit of disappointment but I'm willing to wait a few more days for them to prove me wrong. I'm not unreasonable.
  21. mystikro

    First crashes

    LOL, that is very risque. I have nothing against those that "sail the high seas" so to speak, but you cannot promote it on the forum just like that. It is frowned upon and I get why, but, you know... At least send a PM, damn... If Yer want to be a scurvy scoundrel and sail against the royal navy, that is fine, but don't actually promote it on forums where it is against the rules. Also, suggestion for System Era. Can you please put out a free demo on Steam? I mean, what ever happened with games having demos? Back in the era of game magazines, where they would include some CD with all sorts of free, shareware and demos. I don't like what the gaming industry is doing. Putting out demos is the most transparent and honest business practice that a good company can do. Would certainly be appreciated by people that just want to try the game before deciding to buy the game... Am I not reasonable to ask for a demo to be available?
  22. mystikro

    Email to System Era Support

    Funny you say that. I worked in support almost my entire career. Not that I'm old or anything (mid 30's here), but I am good with understanding what the customer wants. I am not interested in telling any company on how to run their business, but when I care I want to tell someone in charge what might help to make things better. I did this were ever I worked. I don't know anything of the financial situation of SES and thus I can never demand that they do anything that will cost them. But the QA program would be breath of fresh air for them. You get free QA and the fans feel involved in the game. You can reward them with some symbolic meaningful gestures and prizes (in game or not) and your costs are minimal compared to how much good QA costs these days. SES needs only to employ one good QA / Community Manager. Put up some FAQ stuff that clarifies some common questions and then start dealing with the actual stuff. I know not all players are good at QA, but, we can have a selection program, preferably by submitting an application form that would grant you access to the beta testing. A test can be also implemented on the many free sites out there that would allow you to answer some questions and stuff and report on some bugs included the test, for the developers to see that you have the technical understanding and are able to report a bug the correct way. Another advantage is that the QA can also be used for fixes testing. So you allocate to the lead testers the fixes and then they can check the implementation and stuff. I mean, I would have no problem doing this every few days for 1-2 hours a day. That's something I'd do out as a hobby and not as a job and when I will have enough of it I can just pass the torch to someone else that might want to do it. If SES already has QA and active testers then I would say that they are not doing the greatest job. How do you miss the bug that causes the random freezes when it happens so often? That seems a bit sloppy to me and a community project would assist raising the quality at almost no extra cost. But you know, the management is generally inflexible, as it happens so often with companies so it really depends on what kind of management SES has.
  23. mystikro

    Email to System Era Support

    Hey, I got mentioned, thanks. I just wanted to say that today the recent reviews on Steam dropped to 69% (Mixed), which is in "don't buy" territory at least for me. They were at 75% a few days ago. It's a shame that they allow that crashing bug in the game for so long. You'd think that such a bug would have the Priority to Blocker and be fixed within 1-2 days... but no. It just seems to be going on and on. And that's exactly the communication problem you mentioned. Not even one peep about it. Someone to say they are working on it or something. The discord is just as useless. The players there are talking about making roads or sky platforms... I would be interested in that stuff too, IF I COULD ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME! I might just delete de discord app. I already don't like the political standing Discord has and I only keep it for the game. But there are better alternatives for voice chat, especially ones that don't have social agendas or try to police my think. Anyways. I know they will eventually fix the game. But all this slouching will cause damage to the reputation of the game. And with low scores come less purchases and less money and less chances of them being able to pay salaries and thus less chance of reaching a higher potential with the game. The gaming industry is going through a crisis and this in no time to mess around SES. This is a risky strategy with so many game studios closing in the recent year.
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    Is Astroneer No Longer Supported by Devs?

    I hope so too. The most valuable asset a game has is not the money, the office or the marketing. It's the playerbase. If you can value that and increase it, you will get hardcore fans that spread the word. You can pay any journo to write about how great some game is, but the users reviews and word of mouth will make or break the game. If you can get players involved and offer transparency you at least set yourself on a path to success. A QA program is one step. You can also hold competitions on new ideas of what to implement in the game. Give out some prizes, free copies of the game that players can gift, logos, tshirts, badges, bracelets, backpacks or whatever small thing that shows appreciation. Hold some big competition every now and then and offer a trip to 1-2-3 winners to your studios for a few days where you show people the magic. I don't mind if it's US participants only, I realize getting someone like me over the pond would be expensive so it's alright. I rather you invest in development. But do spare some things for your players. Even if modest things and rewards that cost you nothing to very little. Engaging with the fans is probably the best marketing. Making them feel like they matter. I had no idea the game existed until this year. I saw one Scott Manley video but didn't think too much of it than "oh, cool". Then I saw videos of the 1.0 and thought it was really cool. You can thank Raptor Gaming on YT for getting me interested. You should sponsor the most known streamers and organise giveaways through them. 27 dollars to reach an audience of 500.000 users is nothing. Everybody wins. I want to see this game become a cultural phenomenon. I want to see memes. I want to see NMS compared to it instead of the other way around. I want you guys to succeed. But you also have to believe in yourselves.