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  1. tntexplosivesltd

    Game doesn't close properly, eats lot of memory

    Can you add your system specs please? What platform are you on? (Steam or Microsoft Store)
  2. tntexplosivesltd

    Desolo land mas and resource generation

    Wolframite is pretty deep in Desolo from my experience. Also, use a buggy on Desolo. It makes exploring so much easier. I definitely had to drive for ages to find a cave entrance.
  3. tntexplosivesltd

    graphical glitch/bug.

    What graphics settings are you using? What are your system specs? What platform? Try changing some of the settings like shadow detail, post-processing or AA and see if it makes in better or worse
  4. tntexplosivesltd

    Shredder sound too loud

    We need little earmuffs for our Astroneers in-game to muffle loud machinery sounds
  5. Have you tried running it at a regular resolution? Also Astroneer list their minimum requirements for the GPU as: "Discrete Non Mobile GPU with 1 GB Ram". Maybe it's the GPU? I can't really help you out any further unfortunately
  6. tntexplosivesltd

    Is Astroneer No Longer Supported by Devs?

    You're not causing hardware damage, it's fine. The devs use the bug report section to directly feed into their development when they come to their bugfix push weeks. Since Astroneer released in February, they have released no fewer than 6 patches, all of them at least addressing some bugs that have been reported by users like us playing the game and posting bug reports. They are also soon releasing the first content update (1.1.0), which also fixes a whole bunch of bugs (just read this): They are a small development team, they don't have a lot of time on their hands to reply to every post on the forum and release patches and updates and address bugs that are being raised. Your posts (for some reason you made two almost exactly the same, a day apart) were only posted about 2 weeks ago, not a month. Additionally your posts, while they contained screenshots, didn't contain any system specs. Granted, you can't be expected to know which information to include when you're just given a blank text box to write in. Someone probably should have posted telling you to include your system specs, but your post might have been buried.
  7. Can you give us your platform/system specs etc:
  8. tntexplosivesltd

    Noob: Why is Atrox described as being very hard?

    Also the plants there will destroy your vehicle.
  9. tntexplosivesltd

    EFT 1.1.0 Just experienced my first crash, ever.

    System specs? Platform? Please read:
  10. tntexplosivesltd

    EFT Corpse apperance does not match selected one.

    I experience the same, but I don't think it's a bug. It's just the way it works.
  11. tntexplosivesltd

    1.1.0 EFT smelter no longer auto starts smelting

    It's a known issue, it is related to performance optimisation for Smelters, they know about it and will be hopefully working on it
  12. Do you have a discrete GPU?
  13. What hardware specs does your laptop have? That scrap thing sounds like a glitch. Which game version do you have? Platform (steam/windows store) and patch (should be
  14. tntexplosivesltd

    Sylva and resources from other planets.

    The wiki has been correct for a long time... I would be interested to see which page was wrong.