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    Is "astronaut" a human? He do not eat or drink, and after death, he is just reprinted, he should be a remote controlled android and use 2 types of electricity, one for his systems (instead of oxygen line), and one for work, the Yelow one.
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    Add water to Sylva

    Since this solar system was made by aliens (the core is gone and replaced by artificial gravity field), there could be one of 3 system to govern it, like diference in temerature between underground layers, so water would freez on some layers (You get Ice) or boil of to atmosphere to make rain (making this system You can get rid of sprinklers and irrigation canals to have steady water circulation), or gather the water from atmosphere as a rain or with Atmospheric Condenser:. The third option is that water hiting core border would be teleported to the surface, instead of boiling, and raining. At least astronaut woud not drown, he have his space suit.