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  1. Hi guys, just wanted to submit a bug report about a bug that has become quite common for me and my gf when playing Astroneer. Whenever my gf has any items on her backpack or tool whether its mods, materials, lights, boxes or anything else, whenever she relogs from my world or quits the game then rejoins she'll spawn back in and her items will have disappeared... the bug is most common on the harvesting tool but sometimes does happen to items in the backpack, the backpack bug is more common when you die. We also went into her world to see if it's just my saves that are bugged but the same thing happened but only this time it was for me. I relogged, came back and my tool items disappeared. No idea what caused this or how to fix it but it started happening yesterday... if there's anyway to fix it that'd be amazing. We've tried verifying our game cache and files and still doesn't fix it... anyways if anyone knows how to fix it or if it is fixable in future patches that'd be great. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, me and my gf just recently bought Astroneer. We love it, its great fun but as of today since we logged back on her items such as mods and tethers ect keep disappearing every time she relogs. We have no idea what is causing this issue nor do we know how to fix it... if anyone can help that would be great and much appreciated! thank you guys in advance :).