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  1. Hello,

    PC - Steam (Both players)

    both: Nvidia 1080 gpu among other items

    She hosts, I join. While solely on the first planet....all things are okay with the minor bugs you see in other places (vehicle craziness, super-sized resources, guns randomly sticking in places, extra large guns, etc). 

    Then when we start unlocking portals, things get dicey. I try to get in the vehicle and lose connection. Rejoin the game.....walk around. No problem. Get in the vehicle again and 5 minutes later I've lost connection to host. Rinse and repeat. The more planet centers we unlock, the more disconnects and the faster they happen. 

    Thank you,


  2. 3 person multiplayer:

    1. The tractor and trailers are buggy. Exiting an entering the vehicle causes the game to hang for a brief second for everyone else in game. 

    2. The tractor has dreams of being a spaceship with added cargo space. Upon entering vehicle, it tries for the stars and immediately launches itself and everything attached into the heavens. You can change the tractor's mind by exiting the vehicle mid launch and it will slowly calm down and come back home. This has happened on randomly throughout the last 30 hours of playtime. 

    3. The tractor also has dreams of participating in a rodeo like one of the stallions: Upon entering vehicle, the tractor and anything attached will slam itself several directions before calming down. If you try exiting the vehicle, it will try the same technique in different ways. This option happens randomly that I know of in different areas of Sylvas and with many different attachments. 

    4. Once, the tractor decided it wanted to levitate roughly 5 character heights above the ground. This happened when trying to enter the vehicle. 


    Windows 10

    Intel i7-8700 (3.7GHz)

    nVidia 1080Gtx

    16gb ram